Foods That Can Help Fight Fatigue!

I have such mixed feelings with Daylight Savings Time. I LOVE that we get more light at the end of the day! The fact that you can eat dinner and still have light outside just makes the world seem like a better place. It also means things are going to start getting warmer, and it makes me feel so excited for spring!

But on the flip side, waking up that morning is rough. It’s dark, cold, and you can’t help but feel SO TIRED. I remember hearing on the radio once that there’s more accidents on the Monday after Daylight Savings than any other. I don’t know if that’s actually accurate- but it totally makes sense to me. We’re all foggy-brained and tired!

Luckily there are some foods you can add to your diet to help combat fatigue, whether it’s from Daylight Savings Time, a rough night with the kids, or just being an adult ;).

Chia seeds- These little guys are high in fiber, carbs, and a decent amount of protein. The Aztecs and Mayans actually revered chia seeds because of their ability to give you sustainable energy. How interesting is that?

Cottage cheese- Another high protein food! It’s also high in B12, which is an important vitamin to help our body with enzymatic reactions that give us energy! It’s also super tasty, so win-win!

Cucumbers and hummus- Cucumbers have a really high water content, and hydration is key for battling fatigue. The addition of hummus also gives you some protein and fiber that help you feel full, and thus energized.

Bananas- There’s a reason we think of bananas as a healthy breakfast food- because there’s no better way to start your day! Full of potassium, which keeps you hydrated and thus energized, it’s also a complex carb (sugar= energy) and it’s loaded with B6, which is great for helping our bodies turn sugar into energy!

Mint- A surprisingly rejuvenating option. Chewing on a little bit of mint can instantly give you a burst of energy. I actually often use peppermint oil on my temples to help wake me up a bit, so I can totally see how this would work!

Whole Grains- You don’t have to say bye to bread- just make sure it’s whole grain instead of white! You’ll get the energy boost that carbs give you, but the energy will be released more slowly so that you have energy for longer, instead of feeling a short burst that dissipates almost immediately.

Oranges- Another great option for staying hydrated, due to their potassium levels (remember, electrolytes keep up our water levels, which means more energy!)

Dark Chocolate- Yes, it is ok to indulge every once in a while ;). Dark chocolate has a natural caffeine content which can give you the little boost you need. It also has a lower sugar content compared to other chocolates, so you won’t crash and burn afterwards!

Being tired is no fun. But there are a few foods you can eat to help you combat fatigue and have the energy you need to get through the day!

    Camille Hoffmann
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