Why a Hoagie Sandwich made me Cry

I’m currently 38 weeks while writing this, and by the time you read this I’ll be snuggling my baby and this week will be a thing of the past. But for now, let me tell you- this week has been a roller coaster of emotions.

I’m feeling very big and uncomfortable, and I have constant hip pain. I’ve been stressed about gestational diabetes (even though it's my 3rd time, it's still so stressful and draining!) Our baby girl was breech and I was scheduled for an external version on Friday, but as with my 5th child, she turned head down last minute so I didn't have to actually go through with it! But she’s been moving a ton and I’m worried she’s just flipped right back to where she was- like my 5th. We’ll see if she ends up being head down or not when it’s time for her big debut!

Then yesterday our main water pipe burst. We started getting tons of water in our newly finished basement (luckily we went with vinyl plank flooring instead of carpet!). My husband rushed home from church meetings to help me figure out where the leak was coming from (initially there was just tons of water coming from the baseboard and nothing happened when I turned off the water so I freaked out!)

This wasn't exactly on my to-do list for prepping for baby… I was feeling completely overwhelmed.

But now I am feeling overwhelmed for a completely different reason. We are surrounded by such good people. My father-in-law came down as soon as we called him and stayed with us for hours, helping us locate the pipe, running to the store to grab parts and helping to put the pipe back together (through concrete!), at the sacrifice of missing a family dinner on his part.

Our wonderful neighbor came by and actually got in the muddy hole and helped my husband with the digging, and his sweet family brought us a hot dinner since we had no water. Another family in our neighborhood brought Anthony a huge hoagie sandwich when they heard about the leak, and they knew he probably hadn’t had time to eat anything (they were right! He spent hours digging in the mud!).

We had multiple people stop by and ask how they could help. My parents and sister offered their homes if we needed somewhere to stay, in case the water couldn’t be turned back on soon. I started the day crying because I felt so stressed out and ended the day crying because I just felt so humbled at the outpouring of love.

And this has been the case this whole pregnancy. I've had so many neighbors reach out, offering dinners, volunteering to help watch kids so I can rest, to take them to the park, offering to take over my church lessons, reaching out to me at church or through a text just to check on me and cheer me on, etc. My sister threw a small family baby shower and I was overwhelmed at how many people came to celebrate this little girl with me. I have just felt so loved.

I'd be lying if I said this has been an easy pregnancy for me... while physically pregnancy is never really easy, emotionally and mentally this has probably been the hardest one for me, for various reasons. And all these simple acts, like a hoagie sandwich, have just meant the world. I’m grateful for all the angels in our lives.

Is there a time a simple act of service touched you? I’d love to hear the stories about the angels in your lives! Share with us in the comments below!

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