Tasty Treats You Can Make With Breakfast Cereal

I know cereal isn’t exactly the healthiest breakfast, but when you’re craving something sweet, sometimes those sugary breakfast cereals just hit the spot! My personal favorite is probably Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles. My husband loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks, and my kids will eat anything! Though my oldest is definitely partial to Reese’s Puffs ;).

While a bowl of cereal is sometimes the only thing you need for a late snack, it’s also nice to vary things up from time to time. And there are a variety of fun ways to do that!

Shakes. A cereal shake is simple- and so tasty! Vanilla is a great base, though you could certainly experiment with different flavors. A local shake place has been serving Fruity Pebbles shakes recently and they are one of my favorites! I bet a Cinnamon Toast shake would also be heavenly! You could do Reese’s Puffs with chocolate ice cream, Oreo O’s in cookies and cream, Lucky Charms in basic vanilla- the sky’s the limit!

Rice Krispie Treat variations. Have you ever made Rice Krispie treats, but with Fruity Pebbles? HEAVENLY. It’s my absolute favorite. Cocoa Pebbles make for a great chocolaty treat. You could use Golden Grahams, and drizzle a little chocolate on top for a s’mores vibe. Even Honey Nut Cheerios would be delicious! (And you could be fancy and add some banana extract to kick it up a notch!). Marshmallow basically goes with anything, so try any kind of creation!

Snack Mixes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- snack mixes are such a great way to get so many tasty things in one dish! And cereal is no exception- you could even create your own mix of just cereal! Trix, Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch with Berries would be a delightful fruity mix! Reese’s Puffs, Peanut Butter Crunch, and a dash of Cocoa Puffs would be a peanut butter chocolate lover’s dream! And of course, you could always just stick to one cereal, and add in other mix-ins to suit your tastes- marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, craisins, peanuts, almonds, yogurt-covered raisins, etc.

Cakes and cookies. Baked goods are a great way to have fun with your favorite cereal. Crush up any cereal you desire and add a cup or so to your favorite cake mix! And then top with more cereal! You could do the same thing with cookies or blondies! And of course, you can always just add a dash of your favorite cereal on top of a brownie and call it good (because it will be! Reese’s Puffs on chocolate brownies?? Yes please!)

Muddy Buddies. Another easy favorite of mine. Crush up your favorite cereal and add to the powdered sugar you mix in at the end, and mix the final product with lots more cereal! White chocolate covered chex with crushed Oreo O’s would be addicting! Or regular Muddy Buddies with Cocoa Puffs and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch! It could be so much fun to come up with different combinations!

It’s so fun to think of all the possibilities you can make with just one box of tasty cereal! I’d love to hear from you- what delicious combinations would you try? Or do you already have a favorite cereal-based treat? I’d love to hear all about it!

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