Home Notes: Oven liners are not recommended

I tried using a clear plastic oven liner in my GE electric range. The liner became discolored the first time I used it, even though I didn’t spill anything on it. Is there something else I can use to keep the bottom of my oven clean?

GE doesn’t recommend using liners in its ovens, according to Brian Steurer, the company’s product manager for electric ranges. Liners of any kind, including aluminum foil, alter both air flow and temperature, he explained. That can affect cooking performance.

It sounds like you were using a silicone liner. In an electric oven with an exposed heating element, a silicone liner can overheat and sustain damage, Steurer said.

Liners of all kinds are a particular problem in ovens that have the heating element hidden beneath the oven floor, he said. The liner traps heat, which can result in excessive temperatures. That can cause the liner to melt or burn, possibly damaging the oven. Even aluminum foil can melt in that type of oven, he said.

Source: /journaltimes.com/lifestyles/home-and-garden/home-notes-oven-liners-are-not-recommended/


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