5 Day Meal Plan

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Day 1 - make the corn tortillas to eat with the burrito bowl, but prepare and save enough tortilla chips to serve with the casserole on Day 5. If you are really energetic, make enough extra for the 3 cups of crushed chips added in the recipe.

Prepare the strawberry margaritas prior to Day 1 so it has time to freeze overnight.

DoveTailing Tips

On Day 2, prepare the Dutch Oven Crusty Bread. Allow it to sit overnight and bake then next day. Serve with Spaghetti on Day 3.

DoveTailing Tips

Day 3 – While the spaghetti is simmering, prepare for Day 4 by sorting and rinsing the red beans for the Red Beans and Rice. Cover the beans with water and allow to soak overnight.

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