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A post from our Forum:

My birthday was the 1st also, and that's how I got here too! I love the Cook'n software and see lots of possibilities in this forum as it grows, as it cannot help but do! I know I am SO excited to be here!

I may not be Rachel Ray, but I did raise and feed the 2 largest teenage boys in Texas (and all their friends), while I worked too. So maybe I can help with some recipes, menus and ideas if I give it some thought!


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       Volume I - November 17, 2006

Cook'n & Eat'n

Mixing Without the Mess
Grungy Stove Top Drip Pans? Put Some Science to Work!
Thanksgiving is for Children Too!
SMART Ideas!
Thanks-Giving—or is it?

Notes from Folks

What are the 12 Grains?
How to Hard Boil Eggs @ High Altitudes

Live Vote

Is Christmas Coming Too Early?

Recipe Center

Turkey Club Squares
Hamburger & Mac Tomato Casserole
Nacho Taco Salad- Kid Friendly, edited by Linda
Hot Tuna Buns
Old-Fashioned Turkey Soup

Your Five Day Meal Plan

5-Day Meal Plan by Linda with “Dovetail Tips” for Big Time Savings!

Jest for Fun

Some Girls...

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