It's nice to have a small dog

Boy...I can really relate to this. My son, Carson, left to serve a two-year mission for our church this week. Now, his dog sleeps in bed with me. This meme hit close to home!

This is nice to have a small dog. Haha. :)

We went to lunch with the whole family...

Then we dropped Carson off and said "good bye...we'll see you in two years."

His Momma did her best to hold back the tears...but it was a futile effort. That evening, I bawled like a baby. I'm not proud of it...but it is what it is. I love that boy and I'm gonna miss him SOOOO much!!

This is our 4th kid that we've sent on a mission for our church. You'd think it would get easier. But, it doesn't. The house feels empty now. I just couldn't get over it. Kathy finally had to yell at me and say "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, ELDER!!!" That actually helped. I needed that.

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