Shoo Fly Don’t bother Me

Close that door quick! Don’t you just hate when a pesky little fly zooms through an open window or door and starts zipping around the house. During the summer season this can be a common problem in our households. I’ve always thought it was really funny how flies (and other insects) will sit and “wipe their hands.” Since, I have learned what they are really doing:

When you see flies sitting on the windowsill rubbing their legs together, they are cleaning themselves. Flies rely on their compound eyes, antennae and the bristles on their bodies and legs to sense the world around them. They have to keep these sense organs clean so they can fly with precision to find food and mates and avoid predators.

However, no matter how much these pests “wash their hands” they are not welcome guests in your home. During the course of a normal day, flies come into contact with many potentially harmful bacteria. They carry a lot of that into your homes and whatever they land on, so, needless to say, you don’t want them having free reign in your home. Especially in your kitchen where you are preparing food for you and your family.

Here are several natural remedies that have been found to help out with catching those pesky flies that get into your home:

1. Mint : Place small piles of crushed mint around your home to discourage flies from sticking around.

2. Basil : Plant a small pot of basil in your kitchen, try and get it near the sink or garbage where those buzzing insects like to hang out. For some reason flies hate the smell of basil, and most of us humans love it. So win/win!

3. Clove: Flies abhor the smell of cloves. It appears that clove oil and fresh cloves will work equally well. Cloves have a pretty strong smell so you might want to decide to not use clove oil since that is very concentrated. Instead, place bowls of dried cloves in a few rooms of your house.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar (winner of all the ways!): Apparently flies love the scent of apples and vinegar. Put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and in order to create the “trap” add some liquid dish soap. The idea is that this will attract flies towards the solution because of its aroma. They land in it, get trapped, and drown.

5. Essential Oil Room Spray: Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon grass essential oils can be mixed together to create a powerful fly-be-gone spray. Spraying this mixture all over your home will keep the flies from wanting to get in.

6. Do It Yourself Fly Paper: Make your own fly paper with this recipe: 1/4 cup syrup 1 tbsp. granulated sugar 1 tbsp. brown sugar. Mix everything together in a small bowl, then cut strips of heavy paper and soak it in this mixture. Let it dry overnight. Once it is ready, punch a hole in the top and hang it up.

So, try out some of these great natural ways to remedy your home of those pesky flies zipping around. Do you have any magic tips or ways you get rid of flies or pests in your home during these warm summer months? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you have tried!

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