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Volume III
November, 2012

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I think on the mobile device it would be great to have

I have 2 android devices that I use for cooking. Please be sure to include Android in all Apps. Thanks

Can't wait for mobile apps! However, when I bought my iPad, I thought your app would be out soon. I am disappointed in the fact that my iPad is now outdated as newer models are now out. All the time I'm waiting on you for the app I bought my device for!

Can't wait for the ipad app!!!!!

not aware that it was available to read on the mobile device but when available for Ipad I will likely read it there.

We do not have mobile devices that are anything except telephones. Kind of old fashioned I guess. (I can send a text on mine).

I'd say go for it!

love being able to read it when husband is driving. no books needed

getting an Ipad

Keep waiting for Android!

Would love to have attached to my Kindle.


Anxiously waiting


I always read these from my ipad. We have a home in two states so I am excited to be able to access my recipes via my ipad.

It is so much easier to take my iPad and iPhone into the kitchen - than to take my computer in.

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