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Volume II
April 2, 2010

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What kind of can opener would you recommend?" Here are the results:

What kind of can opener would you recommend?

Walmart's 88 Version (31) 13%
Side-Cut Version (123) 53%
Under-Cabinet Electric (27) 12%
Sit-on-Counter Electric (34) 15%
Hand-Held Electric (19) 8%

Total Votes: 234



A high-quality handheld. Why would I use electric to do something I have the strength to do...and then go to the gym and pay to work my hand and arm muscles?!

Mine is a Swing-Away, maual crank mounted on the side of a cabinet. I love it

The only time I don't like my side cut one is when it's something like tuna, that you drain in the can usally. But I learned to keep a strainer close by .

side cut is dependable, under cabinet don't have to ask husband to install, counter types , do not like clutter, hand held can never quite get the right angle

Pampered Chef is great!

No sharp edges!

My 'hand-held electric' is actually a 'hands-free side cut' so I could have voted either way.

None of the above! A hand-held non-electric with gears that mesh together to run the cutting wheel. They can run from about $6 up. Mine is one that was about $6 and it has lasted for almost 10 years! I like it better than any electric one I have ever used!

the opener always stays clean

Hand-held worked faithfully for years, but with arthritis, electric became a necessity.

I tried the side-cut version and found that I got such inconsistent results, that I just threw it away.

Side cut is the only safe way to go. I'll never go back to any other.


I would upgrade to the $5.00 Walmart opener and get a nice wood or plastic handle. I have had sooooo many electric openers over the years, and when they quit working I just pull out my ever trusty manual one. It is now our only opener!! And I like it that way!

I've been using a side-cut opener for several years now and absolutely love it! It's safe too.

use Pampered Chef


If it's the kind I'm thinking of, it can be thrown in the dishwasher to sanitatize.

Our Rival counter top can opener is the best counter top can opener we have ever found but, we also love our hand held Swing-Away with the rubberized grip.

Didn't care for the hand held. It broke real quick. Have used the side cut break your wrist while turning and threw that away. Give me old faithful on the counter every time.

The side cuts are nice but mine didn't last very long

Name: Swing-A-Way, Side-Cut version, I believe in KISS: Keep it simple stupid

I use pampered chef's side cut version - love it!

I love the Pampered Chef can opener

I really like my under-cabinet one. It's the 2nd one I've had, the 1st died after about 15 years. I like it because it doesn't take up any counter space.

I also like the battery powered opener that sits in a recharging unit and can be placed on the top of any size can for opening.

The Pampered Chef one -- no sharp edges.

I mean the side cut kind that are battery operated. I like that it goes where I am, and I have 2 for OAMC days.It helps a lot.

I love the side cut version. Your lid doesn't fall into the food. Also this leaves the can clean and ready for projects. Just remember that if you have cans that have lids that need to go on them you can't use this type of can opener. Your lid will not go back on the can.

I'm now 67, and it gets harder and harder to open cans with a manual can opener. I've tried the hand-held battery operated can opener with little good results. I now mostly use the sit-on-the-counter electric opener - but it does't like super small or super big cans, so I keep a manual can opener for when necessary. Does any mfr make a can opener that will open a small tomatoe paste can AND a huge can of coffee or potato sticks?

I voted for the under cabinet can opener, since I have nearly zero counter space. Mine has since died, too, and I now use the side-cut style with a 10 yr. guarantee from Walmart. Worth the $10 I paid for it. It cuts smoothly and easily. It doesn't make my arthritic hands hurt to turn the handle.

I like hands fee with it sitting on the counter. I have a Sun Beam.

I have one of the 'As Seen On TV' can openers and I love it. It is a side cutter, but takes batteries. It's the best one I ever had.

I don't think the "side cut" can openers actually cut on the side because neither the lid nor the can edge is sharp. I believe what it does is "unzip" the seal between the lid and the can. These are FABULOUS can openers - easy to use and so safe since they leave no sharp edges.

Get the kind with the plastic rubbery kind of coating on the handles. They work really well.

I find that the side cut don't always cut through. I love the concept though.

I have two kinds. Side-cut and top model...the side cut takes to many turns to completely remove lid. Or am I doing something wrong? So, I'm still using the top cut, hand held model I've had for 50 odd years.

Can openers have a short life. The best I have had was the attachment to K5 kitchen aid. As it would take the largest commercial size cans. Otherwise cheep throwaway is best.

Using Pampered Chef opener-works great

We have an electric can-opener, but a good hand-held one is by far a better way to go!

electric side cuts are available

I've had all of the above, but the one that I like is the one that manually cuts on the side. The can is not sharp so that it mangles the rubber spatula when cleaning out the can. You can also use a pressing device to take the water out of tuna. DO NOT buy the battery operated one that cuts on the side. It leaves a very sharpe edge that I cut myself on.

I'm not sure about the "side cut" version. Doesn't it just make the top of the can sharp instead of the lid? My favorite is the Pampered chef can opener. It doesn't "Cut" anything, but it breaks the seal of the can so the lid lifts off and there are no sharp edges anywhere.

With my arthritis, the counter electric is the only way to go!

the gizmo type is the best

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