Adorable Book Food For Book Lover’s Day!

August 9 is National Book Lover’s Day, and I say what better way to celebrate than by reading- with some tasty snacks, of course ;).

There are so many cute ideas out there for creating book look-a-like foods, and they range from easy to challenging depending on your skill level and how much time you want to devote! Here are some ideas you can use for creating edible books!

While you could make homemade marshmallows to take these up a notch, you could easily just buy the large square marshmallows from the store to create these adorable little books! Just use some melted chocolate to assemble and voila!

These would be super easy to make. It’s simply a grilled cheese sandwich with a tortilla folded over! I love the various colored tortillas to give some variety to the books. Definitely a simple way to create book food!

These fig newton bibles are adorable and so easy! Simply trim off the edge of one size, add a fruit roll up bookmark, and use icing to decorate it however you want! (Bible or otherwise!)

These are so adorable, and wouldn’t be too crazy hard to recreate! And while the addition of the bookworms isn’t necessary, it’s too adorable to pass up!

This… is just stunning. I LOVE this cake concept. It would definitely take some patience, but you could make this a little simpler by keeping it to just one tier and not worrying about the fondant on top- unless of course you want to!

These are just beautiful and I’m sure they’re tasty too! It would be way too hard to try to explain how to recreate them, so luckily I found a recipe for you! Exact amounts weren’t listed, but I’m assuming you could figure out the amounts of puff pastry and sugar based on how many books you want to create and how sweet you want them to be!

Do-Lit-Yourself: Libritos!

puff pastry shell, thawed
some butter, melted
1 egg
1 teaspoon milk
sprinkle of sugar

Roll out your puff pastry, just a little bit bigger than its original size. Just don't completely flatten it out.
Cut your puff pastry into little rectangles, approximately 2” x 3”.
Lightly butter the top of one of your rectangles, and place another rectangle on top. Repeat until there are 5-6 rectangles stacked atop one another. Create more stacks until you run out of pastry.
Using a skewer, gently press down the centre of the stack (on the short side) until the “pages” splay up on either side of the skewer. Go slowly, so that you don’t cut through the pastry accidentally. Repeat with the remaining libritos.
Whisk the egg in a bowl with a teaspoon of water or milk, and brush generously over your libritos. Dip each one in sugar, or sprinkle with sugar (if desired).
Bake according to package directions (they should be gold in colour).


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These are so so cute! You can obviously use whatever brownie recipe you want, but the book covers might be a little trickier. Once again, here is a recipe for your use to help with that!

Bookworm Brownies After School Snack

Turn boxed brownies or brownies from scratch in to adorable bookworm brownies! Candy clay and gummy worms make these after school snacks kids will love.

Serving size: 1
Calories per serving: 408.319

6 ounces Wilton Candy Melts (half a bag) in each of the following colors: yellow, oranges, bright pink
3/8 cup light corn syrup, divided
Sour gummy worms
Wilton Sparkle Gel in black

Bake and cool your favorite brownie recipe. Cut into rectangles. Take a piece of paper and scissors and make a pattern for your brownie. You want the paper to cover three sides of each brownie to create a cover.

In a microwave safe bowl, add 1 color of candy melts. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Microwave for 10 additional seconds and stir until melted. Adding 10 second increments to your bowl if necessary.

Add 1/8 cup corn syrup to the candy melts and stir. The melted candy will begin to harden and almost be dough like. Set onto wax paper to cool.

Repeat with remaining two colors.

When candy clay is cooled, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and let set for a few hours.

When you are ready to wrap your books with their covers, begin by unwrapping one color at a time and kneading it on a surface dusted with corn starch. The clay will be very hard, and you'll wonder if you did it right, but you did. Consider this a bonus arm workout. Knead the clay and it will soften.

Flatten into a pancake shape and place on a cornstarch surface and roll the candy clay to about 1/8" thick.

Use your paper template and the back side of a butter knife to cut out rectangles. Use a turner to pick up the book cover from the table. Dust off the cornstarch. Wrap rectangles around the clay. When finished add your worms.

Hopefully your worms are a little stiff. Use a sharp knife and cutting board to attach your worms to the covers. You'll have to try a few different angles and use a little water to attach the worm to the book. When finished, use black sparkle gel for eyes.

It really depends on the size of your books as to how many this makes. I did not use the edges of my brownie since they were higher than the rest of the pan and I made large books. I had 12 brownies.


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Have fun with your book food!

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