9 Games That Spark Table Conversation

Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about Thanksgiving? While we busily prepare our perfect holiday menus, it’s not a bad idea to give a thought to conversation starters! Whether it’s to help you avoid talking about politics during Thanksgiving dinner, or you just want something to help your weeknight family dinners become a little more meaningful, there are tons of great games and helps out there to encourage uplifting and bonding family conversations! I’ve included the links to everything in the sources below!

This Family TableTopics box seems like a great basic way to get conversation going. They have several different boxes that cater towards different groups, so if you’re looking for something specific, this company seems like a good place to start! The product has great reviews.

If you don’t have kids at home, this would be a great way to bond with your spouse! This game is put out by a Christian company, so it’s nothing too racey or raunchy.

If you want something specifically for the holidays, this seems like such a fun way to go! It asks questions like “Who is the hardest to shop for?” and “If Santa left his naughy/nice list behind, who are the first 5 people you’re looking up?” A fun twist on conversation starters!

If you want something specifically for kids, this Kid Talk box has a huge list of questions! I really like some of these, like “Is there anything you wish I would start doing or do more of?”, “What event would you like to attend one day?” and “Who is the happiest person you know?” This game might just find itself under our Christmas tree this year ;)

If 400 seems a little overwhelming, this box has fewer questions, but has great reviews! It’s still geared towards getting your little ones to join the conversation.

This pack is also geared towards kids, but I like it because the questions are sorted into topics. So if you’re in the mood for something more simple you can go that route, or if you’re wanting to delve into a deeper conversation, you can pick something from the philanthropy category.

If you want something a little more like a game, this is a really fun one! You answer trivia questions about each other (and the person who gets it right gets to keep the card), and there are even challenges thrown in there, like daring someone to eat something particular, imitating a relative, or doing dance moves and someone judges who does it the best! My kids have really enjoyed this one!

If you want something that feels more like a game, but without the challenges, this seems like just a fun trivia game! My guess is it has a good mix of things that people would know- and things they wouldn’t.

And if you want something to spark conversation, and maybe even some healthy debate, this is a “would you rather” version. It’s always fun to hear what people would choose, and this game seems to have some great questions! (And they aren’t all making you choose between two bad things- some make you choose between two pleasant ones!)

There’s something for everyone on this list! Enjoy your holidays, however you decide to spark conversation!

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