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Volume III
January, 2013

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Christmas on a Budget Poll

What is Your Christmas Budget Like This Year?

No Christmas gifts! 12%
Definitely cutting back 55%
About the same as usual 28%
Slightly more involved than before 4%
We're going big this year! 1%


We've been blessed this year

Lack of funds

We are using our credit card points for gift cards

I did want to thank you, I bought a few cook'n CDs at 75% off for presents!

Its so tough! only make enough to cover rent & absolute necessities. Looking for a second job. Nothing yet. Just grateful I have one at all!

Trying to think of creative

I do not really have the Christmas Spirit this year for the first time. I am not working, recently divorced, and my kids are all grown. I am taking online classes and if I do not find a job soon...

So sad, the year I want to spend big is the year my brother is exhonerated after being falsely incarcerated for 27 years. Check out Frank O'Connell- either on 48 hours or google. This should be the year I "GO BIG" and buy him lots, but so broke!!! Going to do some recipes from my great program from DVO!!

Our last 3 years have been rough. This is our first year in a while we have been able to do even a little more than before. It has nothing to do with the election just bad luck.

Disabled & jobless

I always love Christmas.

Need dollar store gift suggestions!

We have a dollar amount we try hard to stay at every year, As the family grows, it does take some adjusting. But that is what the good ole Dollar Store is for! We think they are great. And we also make sure Christ is our center! Merry Christmas to everyone!

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