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Volume III
January, 2013

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Winter Sickness Poll

The wonderful winter months bless us with a sense of closeness, both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately the latter makes these months the highest times for sickness and oh have we been sick at our house for the past week. Between my sweet 8 and 5 year old and my little 20 month and 4 month old it has been nothing short of a germ-fest in our neck of the woods! My little neice was even admitted to the hospital over Christmas for RSV, NO FUN!

In light of all this sickness I have turned to Google in search of all things germy. How to prevent getting sick? What are the germiest places? Can germs live on clothing/blankets? These are all things I've been searching about. I thought some of the results were quite surprising. So, test your knowledge with the question below and no Google cheating! Tune into next month's poll results to see the answer.

Which of the following is the germiest place?
Toilet Seat
Bathroom Door Handle
Stove Knobs
Office Desk
Cutting Board

And for a hint, the Toilet Seat doesn't even rank in the Top 10! Here's wishing you a Happy and HEALTHY New Year, and wash wash wash those hands!


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