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Volume II
November 10, 2007

Thanksgiving Traditions
by Bethany Booth

Thanksgiving Day is about so much more than a giant plate of turkey and stuffing! It is a day for family, reflection, and tradition. Here is my top 5 tradition list suggested by my family and friends. There is a first time for everything so don’t be afraid to adopt a new tradition into your Thanksgiving this year.

5. The Annual Turkey Bowl!

First thing in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, all the cousins, uncles, and good friends huddle out in the field and pick teams for the greatest football game of the year. Some one usually ends up dragging back into the houses with a sprained ankle or broken collarbone but it is always worth bonding together out on the field.

4. Tablecloth of Thanks

All you need is a plain white tablecloth and some fabric markers or crayons. Each year everyone at the table signs his or her name and one thing that he or she is thankful for.

As the years go by, the tablecloth is filled with thanks and memories

3. Give Thanks and Food

If you come from a large family this tradition can have a very positive outcome. As a ticket into the family Thanksgiving dinner, have each person bring a can or box of food to donate to the local food pantry. You will be amazed by how much just one family can give.

2. Cornucopia of Chores

Is it really fair for mom to do all the cooking and the cleaning on Thanksgiving Day? Fill a cornucopia with different types of fruit (real or plastic). Then write out a list of all the chores that will need to be done after dinner such as, “clear the table”, “dishes”, “wrap up leftovers”…etc, you could even throw in “foot-rub for mom” if you are truly thankful.

Associate each chore with a type of fruit in the cornucopia. Have each person at the table pick a fruit then tell everyone which chore they have picked (i.e. all apples help with dishes…etc). It is a fun way to get everyone in on the clean up and one tradition I intend to start for my family.

1. Family Gratitude Journal

In my life, anything that isn’t written down isn’t remembered! Having each person write down what they are thankful for that year is a great way for each family member to reflect on the year and a nice way to keep family memories.

All you need is an acid-free journal or memory notebook and a black ballpoint pen and generations of your family will enjoy a special Thanksgiving tradition for years to come. You can also leave space for a picture each year and watch as your family grows.

While everyone is gathered together it is also a perfect time to pull out a hat and Draw Names for Christmas. Have a happy and memorable Thanksgiving!

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