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Volume II
May 27, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked how you like your eggs. Here are the results:

  • Fried (286) 32%
  • Scrambled (246) 28%
  • Omlet (168) 19%
  • Other (83) 9%
  • Soft Boiled (49) 6%
  • Hard Boiled (42) 5%
  • Wagon Wheels (14) 2%
Total Votes: 888


in truth i like eggs any way

over easy

I know it isn't breakfast food, but I love my eggs deviled!!

fried eggs are scrumpcious

Whites done, yolk runny

It was hard to pick! BUt scrambled eggs on buttery toast with a big glass of OJ really starts my day out right!

Fried, over easy is also my preference.


I know frying them is not good for my heart, but I really enjoy them that way, with toast and Orange Juice.

omelet, please


Omlets are great for any meal of the day or night and provide great nutritional value. They are also very economical to make, using

Where does 'sunnyside' fit in?

I prefer scrambled or in an omlet because I always put cheese or other ingredients in to kill the taste of the eggs. The purpose of me eating eggs is because they are a good source of protein. I learned to this when I was pregnant because I was not able to tolerate meat in any form. So, as an alternative I learned to get the necessary protein in other forms and eggs were one of my choices.

I just like eggs!

Hey...what about poached eggs??? One of my favorites!

i like eggs any way i get them-once aweek

I like eggs cooked all 6 ways!

Over Easy: White Cooked Yellow Runny

i love eggs

wagon wheels receipe

Also like them shirred or coddled and deviled but can't find a good recipe for deviled eggs these days. Any help?

no poached?

I just love eggs period. It really doesn't matter how they are cooked. The white must be fully cooked! For some reason I do not have success with poached eggs. My husband and I really enjoy them. Any pointers?

Not hard fried and not runny fried but just so that the white id hard and the yolk is soft.

i love eggs but they do like me

what is wagon wheels

Screamers are yummy-scrambled eggs with onion & cream cheese-mmmm. Also great with spinach, broccoli or asparagus tossed in!

How could you leave out pouched?!?


I love eggs period. I especially love Betty Crocker products. I use them ALL of the time. I am especially looking for a recipie for a "train" cake that I recently in a book at the grocery store. Can you help?

Eggs are great but when you eat them as an omlet, it is so much fun to add left overs from dinner the night before .

I like to put shredded chedder cheese on the scrambled eggs--great taste!

with salsa and sour cream and ONION....yummmm

Chopped tomatoes and onions in the scrambled eggs is sooo good! Really livens up your breakfast on the week-end! Thanks, Lennie

I pan scramble my eggs which results in a fluffier, less dense texture. Yummy!

I love my eggs poached!

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that there are only 4 proper forms of eggs-fried,boiled,poached/dropped(if you are weird enough to like them soggy),and every other egg should be TOTALLY HOMOGENIZED!

Fried eggs give you just the right consistency.

Never met an egg (cooked in a way) I didn't like!

over medium

Poached is also a preference; You can get creative with this approach

Over Easy works for me!

Eggs quickly scrambled in butter just until they are about set up can't be beat. They will set upon serving and will be moist and delicious.

It was not easy deciding cause I like them Scrambled also.

over easy

I really do like Wagon Wheels as well. However, in my family, we've always called them "Eggs in a Basket."

I r3eally like eggs any old way you want to fix them but omlet is my favorite. Shirley F. Baton Rouge, La.----CITY OF CHAMPIONS

Gotta have em all mixed up...come on now, who really likes orange/yellow on white? (unless it is cooked through and through!)

Like you Dan, I also like a great omlet. Fried would be my next choice.

Poached Hard

Not much of a vote, is it?

I also like fried eggs, sunny side up with the yolk slightly baisted. I won't eat a broken yolk egg and if eating out have them "over medium". When I was young I used to cut off the cooked white and dip it in the yolk. When I got married and my husband liked a fried egg sandwich, it really hurt to break that yolk.

love your newsletter

iI like them any way

Everyone raves over my deviled eggs, and the trick is SO simple--Celery Seed. :)


Hard boiled eggs & stuffed eggs. I never knewn when my kids were grewing up that their Daddy used to make toad in the holes for them or certainily not wagon Wheels. I have never heard of that before. Just toad in a hole!

Has to be in bacon fat with it splashed on it. The egg still has to be soft to dip my bread in it. My kids call them "dipping eggs"! After that I'll eat sof scrambled when in a restaurant.

we call them hole in ones at our house, and always made them when we went camping!! Now my kids make them, and teach all their friends!!

I add peppers of all colors, diced ham, onions, and sometimes Mushrooms,asparagus, or tomatoes. What a wonderful variety you can have.

over easy

love them every day

Omlets offer the most versatility and creativity so that you won't tire of the "same old egg" thin every day for breakfastor brunch!

I loves eggs, period, eggs are a great nutrious food. No matter how you make'm eggs are the best.

Really enjoy newsletter


Have not tried Wagon Wheels, but will tomorrow

Dan - you spelled omelet incorrectly!


this is why Americans are overweight

fried, soft and up...they are the best. second choice is hard boiled. quite a contrast!

we made wagon wheels back in the 50's but never called them that

I like a frittata (sort of like an omelet but finished off under the broiler. Also, how about good old fashioned egg salad???

Poached!! on toast with milk


My family likes anyway I fix them. So when the family gets together, everyone places their order for the type of eggs they want. At special times, even "Deviled Eggs" are even good.

very soft boiled & mixed with 1/2 cup rice krispies per egg, a pat of butter & salt & pepper to taste = ambrosia!

Southwestern or Italian omlets are the best!!

i was forced to vote other because you didn't have an "all of the above" category!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have been making wagon wheels for 20 years just didn't know that they were called wagon wheels

Hard-boiled - you can do most things with them - they don't dribble all over the place.! On bread and Vegemite, in slads etc.

Spanish Omlete

I also, LOVE Deviled Eggs.

poached is not listed

At home I poach eggs, I get them scrambled when I eat out.

I love poached!

I like hard boiled

What are wagonwheels

over medium

Actually, any of the above.

anyway as long as the white is done

I like mine over easy and then mix them up with hashbrowns with a side of bacon.

Over medium, lots of yolk to dip a piece of toast in.

Omelets are my favorite, but I often take the easy way out and just scramble them. If I want GREAT EGGS, it's got to be in an omelet!

You spelled omelet wrong.

by the dozed

NOTHING can be better than poached eggs on toast!


I really like them all

I voted for scrambled but also like them fried over medium, hard boiled, deviled , soft boiled and in omelets so had a hard time voting. Guess I just like eggs!

omelet is spelled wrong:)

Over easy is the best

wagon wheels? in cooking class they call this "eggs in a basket"

we eat fried eggs twice weekly

I also like them as omlets and boiled!!

We both like eggs about any way we fix them

A nice fluffy omelet with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, bacon, and sharp cheddar are just "egg"cellent!

I had to vote for one type, but I eat eggs - period!

I make Sherried eggs. Put 1 tbs butter/margerine per egg in a frypan that the handle will not melt. When the butter melts, add an equal amount of dry sherry (NOT COOKING SHERRY), put in eggs. When the clear turns to white, add 1 tbs per egg of freshly graded paramesan cheese per egg. Put under broiler, watch carefully. When cheese is golden, serve over toasted english muffin.

I voted "other" but "all of the above" would be a better option. I really do like eggs just about any way they come.

My other is coddled.

I also likwe poached

you should add poached to your list

you should add poached to your list


I like them all!

I like eggs all ways not just one.

How about poached?

I like eggs anyway someone else will fix them!

Dan my guests like my version of Eggs Benidict . Pouched eggs with Saugage gravy on biscults. Oh so good at Nanas Place B&B.

Poached should be listed


Since I could choose only one, I picked scrambled, although I also like omelets and Wagon Wheels (altho we call them Egg in a Hole).

over easy

wow that surprized me.....

Sunny and basted thanks

i do like my eggs any way

As a side note, our name for Wagon Wheels when I was a kid was "Toad in the Hole!"

If we are having breakfast at a restaurant I always get scrambled eggs. Its pretty hard to mess up my order then.

they are egg-cellant with garlic, dill chive salt pepper and dabs of cream cheese scrambled in!

omlet & scrambled same to me

I tried to get 'sunny-side up' eggbeaters but it just doesn't work.

You spelled omelet wrong.


Dan, that video of your son making wagon wheels had to be the best and most entertaining video you have made yet! Thanks for the laugh! I forgot that wagon wheels (we called them toad in the hole) was a breakfast special around here for years. Their all grown up now but thanks for the sweet memory today.

over light please !!!


I like poached eggs but have a hard time ordering them in the US. Do Americans not know what a poached egg is?

I voted for fried, but I enjoy them scrambled , soft boiled and a greatomelette as well.

good in a breakfast sandwich, also

I really like eggs fixed anyway!!

poached is good too

My mother fixed "wagon wheels" for us. We called them pigs in a blanket. My children grew up loving them, also. No one I have talked to had ever heard of them. The boys seemed to have fun making them. Thanks for the laugh.

We love eggs any way at our house. Both of my girls won state and national 4-H competitions with their creative recipes for eggs. Wendy made a festive omlet and Tammy made a breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs.

Scrambled with green peppers, onion, ham and shredded cheese.

the english way in a pan with some milk added

Poached is good too. My grandmother poached eggs in water and then glazed them with a little butter before serving. My mom poached them in little cups with a little evaporated milk and butter. My children love them both ways but prefer their grandma's way best.

soft boiled is second, but any egg is great

I like scrambled better because when you order out....overeasy is sometimes slimy and that I can't eat!

My Dad forced me to eat a fried egg when I was 9 years old. That really turned me against anything runny and for years I never touched another egg. I finally leared to eat them hard boiled and sometimes scrambled if they are scrambled hard.


Actually, I love eggs, any way, any time.

My favorite way to have eggs as an appetizer or party food is deviled eggs!

If you have anything to add (if that's possible), click here and send me an e-mail message!


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