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Volume II
June 30, 2003

Flavored Yogurt Flair

         You can become your own Yogurt Company, mixing and blending any of the following variations into plain yogurt. Use any of these ideas for a one-cup serving.

In homemade yogurt, place the flavorings in the bottom of your containers add the yogurt mixture to fill, cover, and incubate. If you prefer the flavor to be blended throughout the yogurt, place 1 tablespoon flavoring ingredient plus yogurt mixture to make one cup into a container, stir well, cover, and then incubate. Of course, if you choose to buy your yogurt premade, you can still add any of these flavorings.

Flavor: Ingredients for 1 cup: Instructions
Almond 1 T. almonds, minced
1 T. brown sugar
10 drops almond extract
Apple 1/4 small flavorful apple (Delicious)
2 tsp. sugar
or 1 T. apple pie filling
Don't peel apple; cut thinly into slices, then cut slices in half.
Applesauce 2 T. chunky applesauce
2 teaspoons sugar
Garnish with cinnamon before serving.
Apricot 3 dried apricots, chopped
2 tsp. sugar
or 1 T. apricot jam
Garnish with ground cloves before serving.
Banana 2 T. honey
2 drops banana extract or 1/3 cup chopped banana
Blueberry 1 T. blueberry preserves
Carrot 3 T. raw carrot, grated
dash salt
Drain grated carrot well before adding.
Cherry 1 T. cherry preserves or pie filling or 6 pitted cherries, halved
2 tsp. sugar
Chocolate 1 1/2 T. chocolate syrup
1 tsp. shaved chocolate, opt.
Cocoa 1 T. chocolate milk powder
Cucumber 3 T. grated cucumber
1/8 tsp. dill weed
dash garlic salt
Drain grated cucumber well before adding.
Honey 1 T. honey
Juice 2 tsp. frozen fruit juice concentrate or 1 T. canned nectar (orange, grapefruit, grape, pineapple; peach, apricot, pear nectar, etc.)
Lemon 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tsp. sugar
Use yogurt stabilized with gelatin for best results
Lime 1 tsp. lime flavored gelatin Or use other flavors.
Maple-Nut 1 tsp. maple syrup
2-4 T. finely chopped nuts
Mocha 1 tsp. instant coffee powder
1/4 tsp. hot water
1 T. sugar
Dissolve coffee in hot water, then add sugar. Add to yogurt mixture.
Nut 1/4 cup finely chopped nuts
Orange 2 T. orange marmalade
or 2 T. chopped fresh orange
2 tsp. sugar
Peach 1 T. peach jam or 5 thin slices of peeled peach
2 tsp. sugar or 1/2 dried peach half, chopped
If using fresh peaches, cut slices in half.
Peanut Butter 1 T. peanut butter
Pear 5 thin slices pear
2 tsp. sugar
Peel pear and cut slices in half.
Peppermint 2 hard peppermint candies
2 drops peppermint extract
Crush peppermint candies.
Pina Colada 1 T. pineapple juice concentrate
1 T. flaked coconut
1 T. pineapple jam
Place ingredients in bottom of yogurt cup in order listed.
Plum 2 small fresh plums, sliced
2 tsp. sugar
Peel plums, if desired.
Prune 2 prunes, chopped
2 tsp. sugar
Punch 1 tsp. sweetened soft drink mix
Pudding 1 tsp. pudding mix
Raisin 2 T. golden raisins Cut raisins in half.
Raspberry 1 T. raspberry jam
Strawberry 1 T. strawberry jam or 2 T. sliced strawberries
2 tsp. sugar
(For strawberry banana, toss in some diced banana chunks)
Tomato Juice 1 T. tomato juice
dash garlic salt
Add a drop of hot sauce, if desired, before serving.
Tossed Salad 1 T. grated raw carrot
1 T. grated cucumber
1 T. minced radish
1/2 tsp. snipped chives
pinch dill weed
dash garlic salt
Drain grated carrot and cucumber well before adding.
Vanilla 1 tsp. vanilla extract
2-3 tsp. sugar

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