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Volume I
November 21, 2001

Notes from Folks

"Thanks for the Soothing Soup recipes! I just love to make soups this time of year, it always feels so good to sip on hot soup when it's cold outside. We will enjoy the soups, and again, thank you!" --Susan Knutson

"I have been making this for over 20 years and it's still a favorite in our house. It's quick and easy and best of all, you need only a 4-6 qt pan." Catherine J. Dauphinee

Catherine's Minestrone Soup

"This is a very good soup, easy to make and freezes well."-Luedcook

Tomato Soup with Garlic Bread

Referring to Cook'n for Diabetics, Alice Brazeil writes, "Thank you so much for what you do. Having a diabetic child (1 of a set of twins) is proving difficult. What I have seen so far will give her an opportunity to have some of the "treats" her sister gets."

Holiday Pumpkin Desserts
Sensational Pie Crusts
Football Mania
Attitude of Gratitude
Organize your recipes with ease
The best Christmas gift idea

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