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Calculate Nutrition using Cook'n

Analyzing Nutrition

Stop guessing what nutrients are in the foods you are eating. Use Cook'n to help you stay organized in your dieting!

Cook'n allows you to:

Analyze the nutritional elements of recipes and menus (even the ones you add!)

Cook'n makes it simple to calculate the nutrients your body is receiving. After typing in a recipe or importing one from the internet, simply click a button for the information you need. Save you a ton of time by analyzing nutrition in seconds!

View standard nutritional labels for every food and recipe

You don't have to be a nutritionist to understand how to analyze your recipes -- that's because Cook'n nutrition facts window looks just like the label on a can.

Choose which brands are healthier

Cook'n has nutrition facts from the labels of over 10,000 food products. You can even choose between different brands to see what the nutritional effect is. Stop the guesswork among different brands and know which one is most appropriate for your needs.

Include nutritional info on recipe and cookbook printouts

When printing out a recipe or cookbook, Cook'n gives you the option to include nutritional information right underneath the recipe.

Now you can plan menus based on dietary needs and tastes. Prepare healthy, delicious meals for the entire family.

Watch how it works!

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Organize Recipes
Find & Capture Internet Recipes
Menu Plan
Make Shopping Lists
Share Recipes
Print Family Cookbooks
Save Money

"Late one night I could not fall asleep and I was tuned into the Home Shoppping Network Kitchen Clearance segment. I thought that Cookn sounded worth giving a try, and BOY WAS IT! Although I rarely use the recipes, I input my own everyday, and what a shock to see how many calories, and how little nutrition, I was bringing in. I've lost 21 pounds so far, and I've never felt healthier. Cooking for my entire family is never a problem anymore, no crazy fractions to do in my head--everything is there. Thank you so much for such a great, helpful product. ." -Tiffany

"I have diabetes and have lost both of my legs below the knees and your software lets me get all of the nutritional facts so I can adjust my insulin pump. It came in handy when I had to lose 125 pounds. I have created my own cookbook with the help of Cook'n" -Rob

"My husband and I are health nuts and we eat everything low fat. I am also hypoglycemic and have to control my sugar intake. Your software is wonderful for calculating the nutrition information for recipes. I love to cook and low fat recipes are so hard to find. Now I just find a recipe that sounds good and I can change the ingredients around reducing the oils and fats using the software This has been a wonderful, useful part of my everyday cooking needs. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs to have a very good calculator for nutrition." -Shelly

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