Cook'n Recipe Software

Cook'n Recipe Software

Cook'n Recipe Organizer 9

New Features Added In Last 4 Months

  • "New Recipe" Button on Toolbar Makes Recipe Entry Easy
  • "Search Recipe Name Only" Option
  • Menu Import/Export Functionality
  • PDF Printing Option
  • Launches 10 Times Faster!
  • New Home Page with Dynamic Content (Including Daily Newsletter Sneak Preview)
  • Enhanced E-Mail Capabilities
  • New, Simplified (and Sexier!) Toolbar

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New Features

  • New, Dynamic Content!
    • Added Home Page with Dynamic Content
    • Added Newsletter Sneak Preview Link Updated Daily
    • Added "See What's New" Link to Homepage So You Can See the New Features in Each Build
  • Improved User Interface!
    • Added View Tab with Embedded Browser to Cookbook and Chapter Screens (not just the Recipe Screen)
    • Added Cookbook Library Editor
    • New, Simplified (and Sexier!) Toolbar
    • Made Recipe Entry Easier by Adding "New Recipe" Button to Toolbar with the Option to Select the Cookbook and Chapter in the Edit Screen of the Recipe
    • Changed text on "Recipe Browsing" perspective button to "Recipes" and text on "Menu Planning" perspective button to "Menus" to simplify toolbar
    • Rearranged Buttons on Toolbar to Make Browser Navigation Easier
  • New Search Features!
    • Added a Search Recipe Name Only Option
    • Alphabetized Search Results!
    • Changed Search so Entries in "This exact wording or phrase" Produce Whole Word Matches Only (so searches for "pet" do not produce results with words like "apPETizer")
    • Added Progress Bar to Search so User Knows It's Working
  • New Functionality!
    • Added Menu Import/Export Functionality
    • Added Alphabetize Button to All Lists in Edit Tabs
    • Allow Drag & Drop of MULTIPLE Recipes from Cookbook Library Edit Tab
    • Improved Cookbook Importer Accepts Version 8 Files
  • Better Recipe Display!
    • Display Your Recipes in Traditional Format (Qty, Unit, Ingredient) in Options->Change Theme Dialog
    • Added Preview Pane to Change Theme Dialog
    • Cook and Prep Time Displayed in Both Minutes AND Hours Now
    • Entries of "30-40 Minutes" Allowed in Cook Time and Prep Time
    • Changed "Serving Size" Prompt in Recipe Edit Window to "Serves" (to indicate that we're talking about # of people here, not size of each serving)
    • Added Functionality and Updated Themes to Display Embedded Recipes as Links in View Tab
    • Made "Change Theme" Dialog Taller to Make it Easy to Browse the New Themes that are Coming
    • Updated Themes Including:
    • Pluralization of Units and Ingredients
    • Display of Yield, Prep Time, and Cook Time
    • Display of Abbreviated Units
    • Compaction of The Default Cook'n Theme
    • Addition of Video PopUp Code
  • New Printing Enhancements!
    • Added PDF Printing Option
    • Added Recipe Listing on Chapter Header Pages When Printing in Cookbook Format
  • Improved Performance!
    • Launches 10 Times Faster!
    • Performance Optimization When Browsing Recipes to Eliminate Occasional Sluggishness
    • Database Cleanup to Reduce Size of Database Files and Improve Performance
  • Dozens of Other Improvements!
    • Added Print, E-mail, and Facebook link to Newsletter Article on Homepage
    • Added SSL Checkbox to Mail Setup Window so Users Can E-Mail Recipes
    • Popups are now enabled in embedded browser so users can install plugins, so clicks on the Share->Facebook link, for example, at the bottom of will work, etc.!
    • Added Up/Down Buttons so User Can Change Order of Menu Labels
    • Added Next/Previous Buttons to Recipe Window in Categories
    • Added "Divide nutrient amounts by days in menu" to Nutrition Facts Settings Dialog so % Daily Value Number Makes More Sense
    • Put Categories in Two Columns and Reduced White Space Between Rows to Fit More
    • Added Key Functionality to Lists
    • Allow Batch Import of .dvo Files from Download Folder (yeah!)

New Features Demonstration

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What's New in Cook'n version 9

New User Interface

  • Appearance
  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility
  • Power for Advanced Users

Recipe Management Tools

  • Re-order recipes & chapters
  • Copy & move recipes & chapters
  • Select multiple recipes and e-mail, copy, move, or delete
  • Categorize recipes within a recipe
  • New yield, cook time, & prep time fields
  • Ability to rate a recipe
  • Improved spell check
  • Easier recipe entry...characters typed appear in bold
    "add item" option and dialog that asks if they want to add new items to database now
  • Ability to change themes
    Displays ingredient first, then amounts for easy browsing
  • Ability to add .jpg images instead of just .bmp
  • Back & forward buttons & viewing of multiple recipes simultaneously

Enhanced Search

  • Search based on cook time, & prep time, recipe rank
  • Search results appear in navigation tree

Menu Planning

  • Copy your menus or pre-made templates
  • Add notes to menu now!
  • Create your own labels
  • Add an item to a menu without having to have it be in a recipe. Like Milk or an Apple
  • Preview pane when planning menu/perspectives
  • Ability to embed menus within menus

Enhanced E-mail

  • Users can now enter their own Pop3 info into e-mail feature

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