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Serves: 5



Fresh fruit and vegetable juices have become a favorite healthful indulgence for millions of people. The popularity of juices is reflected by the growing number of juice bars appearing across the nation as well as the expanding variety of juices that are highlighted in the menus of trendy restaurants. But juice is not only to be enjoyed when going out for lunch or dinner. The sheer number and varieties of juicers for sale speaks volumes for the appetite juice lovers have for making their own fresh juice at home and for discovering new and more exciting juice experiences. Today, the availability of juicers in all price ranges means that every household can become juice central.

ULTIMATE JUICING was written for everyone who delights in the great flavor and health benefits derived from drinking fresh juice. Along with 125 recipes for tempting juice combinations, you will also find a comprehensive description of the different kinds of juicers available to help you decide which one will best meet your needs, as well as a discussion of the health benefits derived from juicing. Lastly, you will find an informative discussion of the fruits and vegetables that are best for juicing, along with tips on how to select and process them.

In creating this book, my goal was to develop exciting, fun recipes that would appeal to both the novice juicer and the seasoned juice-meister. For those of you just beginning your adventure in juicing, this book will help you avoid the pitfalls that juice pioneers encountered as they pushed back the frontiers of pulp and rind. For example, even if you adore eating fresh asparagus, don't even think of whipping up a giant glass of asparagus juice. Asparagus is definitely a vegetable that needs other complementary vegetables to be made into a palatable juice. You will learn that by simply adding some carrots and celery, you can create a delicious asparagus juice. The recipes and suggestions you will find here will take you quickly to the head of the juicing class and keep you from having to reinvent the wheel. And for those of you who are experienced juicers, I feel confident that you will be pleased to find many new recipes and ideas that can be added to your existing storehouse of tantalizing recipes.

Now is the time to start squeezing or to expand your juicing horizons. It is my hope that with ULTIMATE JUICING as your guide and inspiration, you will discover the thrill of creating savory vegetable juices, richly sweet fruit juices, or sweet and tangy combinations of both fruit and vegetable juices. So, get your juices flowing, and embark on one of the tastiest and health-filled adventures of your life.

From ULTIMATE JUICING: delicious recipes for over 125 of the best fruit and vegetable juice combinations. Copyright © 2000 Donna Pliner Rodnitzky. All Rights Reserved.

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