Removing a Tart (Crostata) from the Pan

Serves: 5



A tart pan with a removable rim is typically
used to make crostate. Any store or catalog
that sells a good selection of bakeware will
have metal tart pans in all sizes and depths.
Often they are sold in sets of three. The best
kind are made of shiny metal. Black pans
can hinder browning. The recipes in this
chapter are for 9- to 10-inch pans about 1
inch deep. You can adapt the recipes easily
to make smaller or larger sizes.
Once the tart has been baked and
cooled, it can be served directly from the pan
or removed from it.
To remove the pan rim, set the tart pan
on a small can or bowl. Gently ease the pan
rim down and away from the crust to the
work surface, with the tart on the base resting
on the can or bowl. If some of the filling
touches the pan, it may stick. Stick the tip of
a small knife between the tart rim and the
shell to loosen it. You can also reheat the
crostata slightly in a low oven to melt a
sticky filling.
The crostata will still be on the metal base
of the pan. It is probably easier to leave the
metal base on the bottom, and it will not be
visible. To keep the metal base from sliding
around when you place it on a serving plate,
lay a 4-inch square piece of damp paper
towel on the plate. Set the base of the pan
with the tart on it on top of the paper. The
moist paper will hold the metal base in place.
If you want to remove the base of the
tart pan, carefully slide a thin-bladed metal
spatula between the crust and the base all the
way around, then slide the tart onto a serving

This Removing a Tart (Crostata) from the Pan recipe is from the Cook'n in Italy Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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