Serves: 5



You can make a great number of shapes and designs with frostings when you use a decorating bag fitted with a variety of tips. The thickness of the frosting is important if it becomes too thick, add water or milk to thin it to a consistency that is easy to pipe. Use steady pressure when pressing out the frosting. The amount of pressure will determine the size and evenness of any design. Be sure to cover the frosting while working with it to keep it from drying out.
How to Use a Decorating Bag
1 If you are not using a coupler or if the decorating bag is large, simply place the tip in the bag. If you are using a coupler, place the desired decorating tip on the coupler base and screw the coupler ring into place over the tip to hold it securely.
2 To fill the bag with frosting or whipped cream, fold down the open end of the bag to form a cuff approximately 2 inches wide. Holding
the bag beneath the cuff and using a spatula, fill the bag half full with frosting. (Don't
fill the bag too full or frosting will back
up out of the bag.)
3 To close the bag, unfold the cuff and twist the top of the bag, forcing the frosting down into the tip. Continue to twist the end of the bag as you decorate.

4 To change decorating tips, unscrew the coupler ring, remove the tip, replace it with another tip and screw the ring on again.
How to Make Rosettes
Using a star tip, press out frosting or whipped cream, using steady, even pressure, into a circle. Then, without stopping, spiral the frosting on top in a smaller circle, finally ending the swirl in a peak as you decrease the pressure.

How to Make Drop Flowers
Using a drop flower tip, hold the decorating bag perpendicular to the cake with the tip touching the surface. Squeeze the bag, keeping the tip in frosting until petals are formed. Stop pressure and pull away.

T Decorating Tips T
Drop Flower Tip: Makes easy flowers
Leaf Tip: Makes plain, ruffled or stand-up leaves

Petal Tip: Makes roses and flower petals. Also used for making ribbons, bows, swags and ruffles.

Star Tip: Makes shells and small borders. Also used for making stars, rosettes and simple flowers
Writing Tip: Makes dots, beads and balls and is used for writing

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