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I have spent the last 2 hours reading your newsletter and wonderful recipes. I have already printed a whole bunch I want to try. I love them because they are using ingredients one has on hand. I love that and just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all your hard work in putting together this newsletter. Thank you very much.


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       Volume I - September 11, 2009

Living Green Saves YOU Green
by Patty Liston & Alice Osborne

Everyone is looking for ways to save money AND protect the environment. We came across this article from Healthy Living that gives us all some great ideas on what we can do to be a little more pro-active on the environmental front.

Green Living Deconstructed
10 Ways to Live a Greener Life Right Now:

1. Recycle. If everyone recycled their Sunday paper we would save 500,000 trees each week.

2. Wear more layers in the winter months. By turning your thermostat down one degree, you can save as much as 10 percent on your utility bill.

3. Add low-flow showerheads. If the average family of four switched to low-flow heads they'd save up to 14,000 gallons of water each year.

4. Turn off the faucet (or, use a cup of water) while you brush your teeth.

5. Fix leaky faucets.

6. Use appliances that feature the "Energy Star" Symbol. These products use less energy.

7. Cook with a smaller pan on a smaller burner.

8. Select fluorescent lights.

9. Print on both sides of paper.

10. Get your car regular tune-ups and keep your tire pressure at the recommended level.

Energy Consumption Facts:

  • We are producing 70% more waste and pollution per person than we did in 1960.
  • 45% of our energy is supplied by oil, which some predict may run out in about 37 years.
  • Office paper use has increased 50% since 1988.

    You can start saving energy and money by:

  • Reducing consumption.
  • Reusing materials whenever you can.
  • Recycling whenever possible.

    Three ways to set a green standard in your neighborhood:

    While a healthy lawn is likely to have some weeds and insects, it will also have beneficial insects and other organisms that help keep pests under control.

    Benefits of Green Lawn Care

  • Healthy grass provides feeding ground for birds, who find it a rich source of insects, worms and other food.
  • Thick grass prevents soil erosion; filters water contaminants and absorbs many kinds of air pollutants.
  • Grasses are highly efficient at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen to help clean the air.


  • Check the pH of the soil. Grass grows best in a slightly acidic soil, with a pH of 6.5 7.0. Lime can be used to raise the pH. Sulfur can be used to lower the pH.
  • Use the proper grass for your climate.
  • Mow high, use a sharp blade and leave short clippings on grass.
  • Try not to over-water, and water in the morning.
  • Natural lawn care experts recommend corn gluten meal as a natural herbicide and nematodes as a natural pesticide that will not harm birds or earthworms.

    If you're paying higher and higher power bills, or if you want to build a home in an isolated area and it's going to cost a bundle to run a line to your home, solar power may be a smart way to go.

    Benefits of Solar Power

  • Many states now offer tax incentives for using renewable energy. Check this directory to see benefits in your area.
  • Your home can actually feed power back into your local power grid. This is called net metering.
  • The long-term cost savings.


  • The most popular types of home solar systems are Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal. Several components make up a PV System which converts the sun's energy into electricity. A solar thermal system heats water.
  • The cost of installing and producing energy via solar power varies according to your annual volume of sunlight, state rebates, and how much power you consume.
  • There are many components that go into a solar system. To get a recommendation for a one-stop installer near you contact a distributor such as Energy Outfitters or SunWize Technologies

    1. Healthy Lawn Care
    2. Utilize Solar Power
    3. Buy Materials with Less Packaging

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