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       Volume I - June 20, 2008

Growing an Indoor Herb Garden Outdoors
by Alice Osborne

Here’s a smart and easy approach to a Spring and Summer garden: grow herbs outdoors NOW that will transfer well to the kitchen window sill this Fall. Here’s what to plant outside now, that will do wonderfully well inside, later:












Herbs prefer a sunny location, whether outdoors or indoors. Ideally, it should be south facing, but if this isn't possible choose a situation that will receive plenty of light throughout the day. Try to avoid a north facing place because it is unlikely the plants will receive enough light to grow properly.

You will need herbs plants (rather than seeds—it’s too late to start seed), good quality compost and when moving the plants indoors, suitable containers.

Buy your herbs from reputable suppliers, and avoid any straggly or unhealthy looking plants. The same is true for compost, choose a good all purpose compost; your herbs will be relying on it for nutrition for some time.

The containers are easier to select. You will find a wide range at garden centers and nurseries. Alternatively, you can use ones you already have, or adapt other objects.

When you eventually move your herbs indoors, be careful not to over water—the main cause of death for most indoor plants—no more than once a week should be sufficient.

Check the compost before watering, if it still feels moist wait and check again the next day. If you have used a good compost, and your winter is relatively short you will probably only need to feed your plants once. If you have a longer cold season, it might be an idea to use the slow release pellets you can buy in garden centers.

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