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Volume II
November 19, 2008

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "How do You Prefer to Bulk Cook?" Here are the results:

How do You Prefer to Bulk Cook?

All by yourself (78) 36%
With a group of friends (10) 5%
With the whole family (14) 7%
With a company like "Dream Dinners" (3) 1%
Making "one extra" to freeze everytime I cook (75) 35%
I don't! (28) 13%
Other - let us know (6) 3%

Total Votes: 214


Bulk cookn' with Church Family

If I do bulk cooking and freeze it, I always end up forgetting what I made and I just end up with freezer burnt items in the freezer. So now I just don't do it at all, and I am much happier!

Cooking with a good friend is nice too! But it is more work in one day because then we do it for both of us and it means a longer day. There's not always time to set aside for a whole day.

I'm 71 and too tired to do much at all. And I can't get my recipes to print anyway!

interesting prospect

I only cook for two, so on occasion I make large batches of chili, soup or cabbage rolls then freeze them.

I cooked a turkey, now I am packaging the meat into 2c and 1c pkges.

I know I won't be able to do a whole month's cooking at once, but my goal eventually is to do a whole week's worth at a time.

I would love to start doing this, but I think I'm lazy and don't attempt it. Great idea though!

I don't. However I would love to learn exactly how to do this as I have a large family.

Most package goods are for 4 people so freezing gives me more choices.

I would love to have a whole day just to cook things for the freezer for later but I just don't have the time I have a 3 hour a day commute and so on my days off its grocery shopping deep cleaning and visiting wiht family and friends . I find it easier to make an extra meat loaf or a bigger pot of beans or large crock of spaghetti sauce and freeze as I go . I takes a while but before you know it you have a week or two of entree's in the freezer to choose from for emergencies and to take to someone else who is having a hard time for whatever reason.

I have always bulked cooked. Since becoming ill and disabled I find it alot easier for me to cook big and freeze. That way when I do not feel good I just go to the freezer, nuke it and its dinner time.

I also wish I had more time to cook!

w/ my daughter, and extra when I cook chicken, then beef etc.

My granddaughter loves to come and cook. We share between the 2 homes. She is always so proud of herself. On Grandparent's that was what she wrote to be her favorite thing to do with her Granny.

to give to friends

My married daughter and I make a menu, shop and cook together. Found a whole month is too much with two pre-schoolers helping, but is sure fun!

As there are only two people in my household, it is easier for me to do the "one extra" when I cook than to go whole hog on a big bulk cooking day. I do this when I make recipes that make 6 servings or more, I just package up half and in the freezer it goes.

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