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Volume II
May 5, 2007

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too? Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Can you have your cake and eat it too?" Here are the results:

Can you have your cake and eat it too?
Yes (63) 55%
No (17) 15%
Maybe (35) 30%

Total Votes: 115


I'M HUNGRY I use Splenda or xylitol instead of sugar, almond meal instead of flour, and almond milk instead of milk.

stay away from wheat products and corn. Youshould see the weight fall off. Make sure to eat your protien before dessert, this helps with weight loss also. Use spelt, rice or quinoa flour if you want "cake" and stay away from artificial sweeteners.

replace the oil with pureed plumbs or applesause when mixing up your cake mix. Also for icing use cool whip free, fat free sugar free pudding or fruit sweetened with splenda. Still taste great.

Even if dieting, an occasional treat won't hurt you badly. Just don't do t daily.

Eat just a small but tasty portion... just enough to enjoy the taste and pleasure. You'll not ruin your "diet" and your cake will last a long time... You'll then be ready for your next one. Good luck and have fun!

The saying isn't "Can you have your cake and eat it too?", It's "You can't have your cake and eat it too!" It means there are some things you have to make a decision on. You can't have it two ways. Example: If you enjoy walking in the woods, you protect the forest. - If your family is sacred to you, you don't have an affair. In other words, if you want it, don't destroy it. In my mind, the saying originated with my Grandmother!!!

i bake glluten free and sugar free, less fat gotta have desert

If your a diabetic you can have your cake sometimes.If your talking financally it used to be said you can have your money and buy your extras ocassionally.

Everything should be in smaller servings. The more we deprive ourselves the more we want it. Have a goes a long way !

Portion control is all you need to eat ANYTHING while watching your weight.

I use some Stevia to cut down on sugar, prunes or applesauce to cut down on the fat and use Olive oil as part of the butter, and only small portions once or twice a week. Grany

Eat Healthy, Exersize, and have a small portion of rich desert!

When I feel like baking, I do it, eat i portion and take the rest to work!

On the hypogycemic diet suggested by Dr. St. Amand who treats fibromyalgia which has a high correlation of hypoglycemics, there is a recipe archive which has wonderful recipes. One is for low carb cheesecake, which I eat with strawberries and whipped cream. Artificially sweetened, of course, but very satisfying. I combine this diet ( with software and the weight is finally coming off.

Substitute Splenda for sugar. And use Portion Control, PORTION CONTROL!

Moderation in all is the key

If you fix it the way it is intended you can not eat it and lose. If you fix it where it it is diet, you really don't want it. The saying is just a way of telling a person that they can not have it both ways.

My friend makes her cake with a cake mix and a can of pop--nothing else. She bakes it, cuts it into individual serving pieces and freezes the portions. She is so disciplined and enjoys HER cake and shows us all up by keeping off all the weight she lost a couple years ago! I, on the other hand, tend to crave more, the more I eat....

after becoming a diabetic, I learned the joys of cool whip. Cool whip and sugarfree pudding make a great ice cream. you can make all kinds of wonderful desserts with cool whip and really cut down the calories

I'm with Kathy, What does that mean? Relda

Sugar adds a texture that can not be duplicated. My favorite method to cut back is to use half sugar and half Splenda. In addition, most recipes from 50+ years ago can have the sugar cut in half to start. It was a preservative then.

Sugar adds a texture that can not be duplicated. My favorite method to cut back is to use half sugar and half Splenda.

In moderation if you've planned your eating day accordingly

you must be careful about fat and calories in the cake. Be sure to eat the correct serving size....not the whole cake. Use low fat ingredients whenever possible.

I am on a controlled carb diet, but there are many yummy things I can eat. I actually feel like I am eating more sweet things now than before I switched to this way of eating. I have lost 75 pounds and have kept it off for half a year now. I still enjoy cake, cookies, ice cream, etc. They are just all the low carb version. Dana Carpender has great cook books that I have been very pleased with. The basic principle is to use splenda or sugar alcohols instead of sugar and to use ground almonds instead of flour, but that is a huge simplification. Buy her cook books and you will be amazed!

You have to know if you're sugar sensitive. A small piece of cake shouldn't ruin your diet....unless you're sugar sensitive and it sends you on a binge.

"Your can't EAT your cake and HAVE it too." The verbs got mixed up over the years. You can't eat your cake and still have it. Once a resource is gone, it's always gone. As for desserts and diets, using whole grains, low glycemic sweeteners (crystalized corn fructose, natural fruit juices, pureed dried fruit) as well as small portions can help satisfy a sweet tooth without forcing us to eat more.

Sometimes it's not about dieting...I firmly believe in pampering myself in odd little ways. As the mother of 4 daughters I can honestly tell you that I am the only one to pamper myself. The mental boost is worth the calories. Take chromium percolinate...great fat burner.

It is all in portion control. Cake is usually high in fat and sugar. an should not be a regular part of the meal, Caution!

When we have cake we usually eat a slice then have no desire to eat any more, so we end up throwing the rest out.

use homemade cake mix and I believe you can

Count the calories and watch the portion size.

If you eat the cake on top of a very high ladder, calories are afraid of heights and will jump off before you get to the top. Then you can eat the cake with no problem.

just don't eat the whole cake; a half of a single portion, period.

of course you can in moderation.and knowledge of ingredients we have these days

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too??
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