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Volume II
March 9, 2007

How Often Do You Slow Cook Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, How often do you use the slow cooker? Here are the results:

How often do you use the slow cooker?
Twice/week or more (53) 16%
Once/week (84) 26%
Once every two weeks (72) 22%
Once/month (58) 18%
Once every two months (59) 18%

Total Votes: 326


I would use it more often if I had recipes

Need a lot more 'just for 2 people' recipes

Also use the 'Just for Dinner' bread machine several times a week!

Never Slow Cook

Don't really care for slow cooker food.

I use my oven for slow cooking. Does not cost anymore and the clean up is easier. Also there is no extra kitchen appliance that I do not have room for.

Those who do not slow cook more often do not know what they are missing.

It's good to have someone else cook

Need a don't use a slow cooker

twice a wwek

If I had better reciepes i'd use it more often. I'm tired of all the "cream Soup" ones.

I want to do more with my work schedule.

I prepare chili or soups the night before, then in the morning all I do is start up the slowcooker, and when I come home I can enjoy and already hot meal. I also love to make beef roast in the crockpot. The meat is so tender.

My husband LOVES the smell of food cooking in the slow cooker. I jokingly tell him that I may have to purchase a bib for his drooling.

Want to use it more

Most recipes I see can be cooked on the stove top in less than 2 hours at a simmer. Cooking them for eight hours doesn't make much sense.

It is difficult to reduce recipes while cooking for one person

best way to have an extra meal on the nights when you are too busy to cook!

The new Reynold's liners make it much easier and more fun!!

need more good receipes

if i keep one out on top of the counter, i will use it more often, we just cooked white beans yesterday, last week-end, i made beef roll ups with round steak, that were delicious!

if i keep one out on top of the counter, i will use it more often, we just cooked white beans yesterday, last week-end, i made beef roll ups with round steak, that were delicious!

I love my slow cooker I just make up things to put in to it and go to work not sure what will come out but must of it goods.

Now that our church block is 1-4pm it is so nice to comwe homew to a done meal! Gail

I use it as much as possible

Love it - it's so easy

If I worked outside the home I would slow cook more. I'm lucky to work at home, so I can wait until all most the last minute and pressure cook instead.

Your recipes are awesome; thanks so much.

I have several crockpots and 1 slowcooker. I wish more of the recipes were made for two. also I'd like some recipes for the Rival double crock.

It will definitely be oftener now that I have the slow cooker cookbook. I've already used the slow cooker twice this past week.

I Want to slow cook twice a week, I will have to try new recipes!

we love soups & BBQ in our slow cooker

I love my crockpot iI just have issues wit leaving it on when I'm not at home

I generally use it more in the winter for soups.

I thought everyone used a slow cooker 2 or 3 times a! amazing results


I live on the road in motels 340 days a year (no kidding) so a crockpot is the most important piece of 'luggage' I have. Thank God (Dan & Kathy) for crockpot recipes! I use the crockpot a minimum of 5 days a week! Yikes! (Sunny)

i love cooking turky breasts in my slow cooker.

Good to come home from work and have dinner ready

Using a slow cooker helps me to prepare a healthy dinner before I go to work-- I work the swing shift. Otherwise my family would be left to their own devices, which would mean pizza delivery or something from a can!! I feel much better about not being able to be home with them for dinner when I know that they have a hot hearty meal ready and waiting for them when they all return home form school and work!

I'm always happy to have that nice meal done at dinnertime, but I forget to set up the crockpot in the morning!

Best thing since sliced bread!!

using slow cooker keeps me out of restaurants, knowing food is ready at home

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