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Volume II
June 9, 2007

What is the Best Time to Eat Breakfast? Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What is the Best Time to Eat Breakfast?" Here are the results:

What is the Best Time to Eat Breakfast?
Before Exercise (52) 31%
After Exercise (82) 49%
Doesn't Matter (32) 19%

Total Votes: 166


got to balance my blood sugar


I believe it doesn't matter, because if you are eating properly throughout the day you body won't go into starvation mode.

I usually exercise after I have ate, but I don't think it really matters. However, I do have to wait an hour after I take my morning medicines before I can eat. Iusually don't just sit around and waste that hour. I jump right into my daily chores. KK

When breakfast makes you feel best. Perhaps juice or something light before and a more substantial meal after exercise. Some people aren't hungry after exercise. Listen to your body.

I never could exercise and try to digest breakfast food at the same time.

It's always been my understanding that you burn more calories if you eat AFTER exercise, because your rate of metabolism is higher then.

I think the excess fat that was built up the previous day should go away so that you start the day fresh

Actually, we should all eat less more often. Light before strenuous exercise, juice or other hydration during exercise and many small light meals. With small children (not babies) I was always told to wait 2 hours between feedings so they aren't mixing partly digested food with fresh. (No walking around with food or milk in a bottle all day). I guess the hobbits had it right.

You don't want to exercise on a full stomach, but you want to make sure your well hydrated before a workout.

Your body needs fuel to properly "burn" calories. But, you should eat an hour before exercise

i feel it's best to eat breakfast after excercise it gets the metabolism going at least mines does

My diet counselors always told me that it's important to eat a small amount of something like proteins or carbs (small amount is the key word here) before exercise in the morning. The you can eat your regular type of breakfast meal after the exercise. Karen

For people that wake up with low blood sugar, it is difficult to excercise first

We eat a toast& coffee before & a regular breakfast after. We found that we eat less on the 3 days a week we exercise. CMS/BEV

Drink the water when waking up, Work, inside sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing, making beds, Now 2-3 hours later it's only 9 AM Eat, include fruit, bread, protein. Eat slow, drink another glass of water before you start your meal. Enjoy the day.

If I postpone breakfast until I do something else, I often don't eat it later. I get too busy.

I have no knowledge of what is the 'best time' to eat breakfast. I just know that my routine is to do my exercises while my husband uses the bathroom. He then gets breakfast ready and on the table while I take my shower and dress for the day. Eating breadfast together is a great way to start the day!

You don't gas up your car after you take a long trip!

can eat B anytime

What is the Best Time to Eat Breakfast??
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