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Volume II
July 13, 2007

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "How Many Times a Week Do You Eat on the Run?" Here are the results:

How Many Times a Week Do You Eat on the Run?

1-2 Times (77) 55%
3-4 Times (41) 29%
5 or more (23) 16%

Total Votes: 141


To busy working to cook.

We are retired with no childs at home. We don't need to run anywhere.

Alot of the time the choice is between "eating on the run" or waiting until activities are over for the evening to & eat dinner-- and we prefer not to eat too late in the evening as we feel that we tend to gain extra weight we we eat anything after 7 PM. And If I have not pre-prepared dinner - as in the slow-cooker or freezer meal items, then dinner really gets late lwhile we finally prepare something-- so making sandwiches and cut fruits & veggies to take along with us or ordering pizza or Drive-thru food is the most sensible solution to feed our hungry dinnertime appetites. Witdh everyone fed earlier we are also more likely to get everyone to bed on time as well!

my husband and I are in our 70's but I am sure that if we were parents of younger children who were in sports, etc., we would eat on the run many more times than we do now.

I have managed to cook dinner most nights but I find I'm drawn to less involved meals--just a step above fast food!

I make every effort to eat regular

Usually, -0- times a week...

Actually, less than once a week, more like once or twice a month.

During the kids baseball season, our usual 1-2 nights turn into the 3-4 night category.

My family is grown, I'm retired, and I refuse to do anything anymore on the run!

I seem to always be eating on the run I never get the time to have a proper meal

If I insisted on 6 Pm dinners, I would have to say way more times, but I try for a home cooked dinner, even if it is at 9 PM!

I hate it!

Why don't you have a *0* times of eating on the run? Some of us are housebound!!

Actually, we rarely eat on the run, but then we are retired. So much for the fun you younger folks have.

Very hard to find vegetarian options on the run and it would be nice to have a hot vegie meal on the go vs cold vegie sandwich or carrots.

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