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Volume II
April 19, 2007

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too? Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Do you have an emotional attachment to certain foods?" Here are the results:

Do you have an emotional attachment to certain foods?
Yes (136) 82%
No (14) 8%
Maybe (16) 10%

Total Votes: 166


My dad had his own small potato chip business here in New England. I won't eat a sandwich without some!

When I was a kid,on stormy days, the neighbour lady would invite us over for hot chocolate and hot buttered toast. We used to sit at the kitchen table and dunk our toast points into our cocoa. Now I;m as old as the neighbour and I still make the cocoa treat on a blustery day.

When I was a small child, our family gatherings with all the aunts and uncles included home made icecream and cold from the spring watermellons. Being as there were amny children as well as adults, several freezerss were kept going with the young boys doing a lot of 'cranking.' But, sadly enough, about the most anyone got was one niced bowl full.! I seemed to never get enough! It is the one food that I am most apt to gorge myself : )

pumpernickle bread and cream cheese...reminds me of sleepovers at my grandparents' house, stying up late to watch Johnny Carsen!

tomato soup


My father passed away many years ago. I can still remember his fried chicken and his German style potato salad. I think of him often when I have this as a meal

My Mom used to throw all kinds of things together and make the most delicious casseroles. To this day, I love casseroles and love new recipes for them.

I love my mom's potatoe salad.

potatoes are a comfort food

Unfortunately, nearly everything I love has an emotional attachment to it. That is why I love to eat!


I have an attachment to my mother's alphabet soup and her beef stews.

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas were a special Sunday dinner for us when I was growing up. This was the first meal that my wife cooked for me. If my wife doesn't feel like cooking, we have our favorite restaurants that serve chicken dinners that we crave.

Chocolate cupcakes from the Helms bakery truck as a child. The Helms bakery truck would come down our street once or twice a week and would open the back of his truck to reveal the most fragrant assortment of breads and cupcakes imaginable. Mom would select what she needed for our family and my brother and I could each have a chocolate cupcake. My goodness, nothing could compare to those!

Yep, it's chocolate. For approx. 20 years I couldn't have chocolate due to severe migraines. Now that I'm much older, I have found that chocolate no longer affects me in that way. The comforting part of chocolate comes from the fact that I could eat as much of it as I liked as a child, so it takes me back to a more carefree time in my life. Now I just have to learn how to eat the delicious chocolate in moderation! Karen

Yep, it's chocolate. For approx. 20 years I couldn't have chocolate due to severe migraines. Now that I'm much older, I have found that chocolate no longer affects me in that way. The comforting part of chocolate comes from the fact that I could year as much of it as I liked as a child, so it takes me back to a more carefree time in my life. Now I just have to learn how to eat the delicious chocolate in moderation! Karen

maybe I am emotionally attached to barbecued meat because it is a signature of the argentine meat flavor and tradition (my mother is argentine, and she loves meat!). I believe people like and stick to the foods they grew up with.

I enjoy cooking and recipe creations; i have lived all over and enjoyed the numerous tastes of great foods, and not so greta meals. All in all I now eat to live, rather than living to eat. My diet requiremnets are changing as I grow older. Now it watch what I eat, insted of eating what I watch.

My grandmother would make my brothers and myself bologna sandwiches. I love them, but have never been able to buy bologna for myself and actually eat it.

Co-Co Wheats . . . I remember my Grandma teaching me how to make them for myself as a child. Making a fried egg & cheese sandwich on rye toast always reminds me of times with my mom too!

Mostly warm, fuzzy childhood memories. (50 years ago)

ice cream cone - it was a once a month trip to town to buy groceries and we always got to stop at the dairy for a hard ice cream cone. My husband didn't know this tradition and on our first date topped it off with a drive thru McDonalds for a "cone for the road".

chocolate eclairs My mom purchased about 75 minni eclairs for a tuperware party that had one guest show up. My sisters and I ate chocolate elairs like crazy. The funny thing is we never had them before and not much after but I loved them. I rarely find a quality eclair to satisfy that crave but when I do I feel like I died and came back young.

Fried eggplant with a big glass of cold milk or half and half.

Fried eggplant with a big gass of cold milk or half and half.

Mine is Baby Ruth candy bars and RC cola. When I was growing up, we lived beside a couple who were my parents' age. She only had a son and so I became an "adopted daughter to her". She took me almost everywhere she went. Our birthdays were two days apart and we always celebrated them with a Baby Ruth and RC. After I grew up and had my own family, when it was her birthday, I would take her over a Baby Ruth and RC. One year, I gave her a surprise birthday party. I invited all of her older friends, including my parents, and placed Baby Ruth candy bars and cans of RC at every place setting. I even had a special cake decorated as a Baby Ruth candy bar. We had a lot of laughs over those times. She's gone on to heaven now, but I still enjoy candy bar and RC.

On Sunday mornings when I was a teenager, we would go to Grandma's for coffee. Along with strong coffee (and lots of milk), we would have Grandma's bread. The bread was not made from our fancy recipes today, but was very basic (she made 7 loaves every week). Today when I have fresh bread and coffee, my memories return to that large country kitchen filled with Grandma's love.

Yup, if I had a bad day, Mom would bring out the cookies or some other sweets. I did it to my kids, too and now we're all fat! The good thing is--my daughter has broken that mold and is NOT using food as a reward or feel-good thing for her kids! My hat's off to her!!

many memories are attached to foods. Birthdays, anniversaries, all sorts of other celebrations. Is it any wonder that food becomes an emotional issue?

My Mom make a Waldorf Salad that I eat because it makes me think of her.

Dan, it's called Comfort Food for a reason, lol.

Yes of course, Unless yor still young,I'll say under 30 you associate certain foods with memories of the past things you wish you could bring back. I think everyone will evenually say that. Carol G. EHT, NJ

If your mom was a good cook, any dish that reminds you of your youth is good.

I like any kind of pasta. Sometimes when I have leftover pasta in the fridge, I get up in the middle of the night and heat it up, pour some olive oil over the pasta, add a little garlic and dried tomatoes, and have a feast!!

No bake fruit cakes! Every year in early November, my mom, aunt and grandmother would get together at my aunts home and make huge pans of them. They would work for hours grinding & mixing all the ingredients then packing them into large metal containers to "age" . Mom always soaked a clean cloth with whiskey or rum and put on the top of one of ours (they made enough for each to have 2 large cakes). The coolest room in the house was my bedroom and I had to sleep in there everynight for nearly 2 months knowing those cakes were stored under my bed along with the pears we picked each year and wrapped in newspaper. We seldom had sweets so, when Christmas arrived, we really dug into those fruit cakes!

Chocolate :) (maybe a few other ones too)

When I was a teenager, our Seminary class would have dinner occasionally at our Branch President's house. My diet at home was very bland and contained very few variations to home grown food, Somehow my dad thought pasta was a no-good, terrible food. One of my friends would bring a macaroni/tomato skillet dish that was heaven to me. I still love macaroni and tomato dishes. They remind me of people who cared about me. I really think those meals were done quite largely for some of us who didn't have much.

On wintery days I like rice pudding. When I'm sad I like a candy bar. When I'm happy I want to eat salads=healthy. On a wintery night I like cocoa and toast!

I love pinto beans and ham because my father did so we had it at least once a week when I was a kid. Of course, my kids hate it.

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