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Volume II
March 25, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked whether you prefer white or wheat bread. It looks like we have a lot of dishonest people here (just kidding!). Here are the results:

  • Wheat (745) 75%
  • White (144) 16%
  • Other (91) 9%
Total Votes: 996


I love whole wheat. Also it is so much better for you than the airy white fluff with noi substance. Janett Mallard 03/24/04 4:53:47 PM MST

Less guilt with wheat 03/23/04 5:26:07 PM MST

wheat for looks, taste, and variability 03/23/04 7:26:38 AM MST

more fiber and healthier 03/22/04 4:37:05 PM MST

I love a good rye bread! 03/21/04 1:14:30 PM MST

Whole Wheat has much more taste, texture and Nutritional value! 03/21/04 12:59:02 PM MST

I prefer pumpernickle bread over wheat 03/19/04 1:25:37 PM MST

I prefer the wheat bread that has whole grains and nuts in it. 03/18/04 5:33:33 AM MST

The grainier the better. Whole wheat pasta is much healthier than the usual stuff too 03/14/04 10:45:30 PM MST

I love the soft texture of white I wish the healthier grain would be softer. 03/14/04 1:01:34 PM MST

We love Wheat Bread 03/13/04 8:40:56 PM MST

We buy the heavy wheat for toast & soft wheat for sandwiches, but both always 100% whole wheat 03/12/04 8:15:33 PM MST

Wheat bread is lower in glutton, so makes it lower in cholesterol and fat. Also, it is higher in fiber. 03/12/04 6:46:16 PM MST

swedish rye bread 03/12/04 12:56:16 PM MST

I like to mix some wheat with most of my recipes. Most are successful 03/12/04 10:14:54 AM MST

Growing up, we called white bread "air bread" --- loved to squish it into little balls and pop it in our mouths...yum. I still do! 03/12/04 4:42:50 AM MST

I really like the wheat bread buy my husband has to be difficult and go for sourdough 03/12/04 0:01:48 AM MST

I love sprouted grain breads 03/11/04 10:45:28 PM MST

how about some bread machine recipes for whole wheat bread 03/11/04 8:52:09 PM MST

I prefer wheat bread with high fiber added 03/11/04 7:17:46 PM MST

only 100% whole wheat bread! 03/11/04 2:17:27 PM MST

I like the flavor of wheat bread, white bread is too bland. I also like other dark bread types and herb breads of all kinds for the same reason. 03/10/04 8:22:54 PM MST

My best bread is Dan's Potato Wheat bread recipe. I add 2 T. flax seeds, 1 T. poppy seeds and 1/4 c. unsalted sunflower seeds. Make up about a dozen containers of dry ingredients only so always have this favourite bread in advanced prep state!!! 03/10/04 6:10:41 PM MST

my all-time favorite is fresh crusty french bread 03/09/04 11:02:08 PM MST

homemade 03/09/04 10:30:12 PM MST

You need the fiber to have a clean colon as unfibered bread will take sometimes 4 to 5 days to pass and it just sits there and putrifies and that is one of the many reasons people end up with colon cancer. Lack of fiber in their diets. 03/09/04 10:08:37 AM MST

More and more, it has been proven that Whole Wheat products,from th fresh whole grain kernels, preferably freshly ground, are far superior both nutritionally and metabolically, than it's processed, refined counterparts! It is also very delicious! Whole Wheat wins without a doubt! 03/08/04 10:48:21 PM MST

I KNEW IT !!! 03/07/04 6:55:04 AM MST

Dan, I agree with you. I eat Wheat, but I prefer white. 03/06/04 10:50:39 PM MST

we like grainy bread, like 7 or 10 grain bread 03/06/04 12:06:48 PM MST

Wheat just tastes better. 03/05/04 10:20:23 PM MST

Of course home baked white bread is out of this world. 03/05/04 7:32:51 PM MST

I also like Italian bread. It is especially good when making grilled cheese sandwiches or garlic bread. I also like rye bread. 03/05/04 7:30:31 PM MST

I also like Italian bread. It is especially good when making grilled cheese sandwiches or garlic bread. 03/05/04 7:28:59 PM MST

I like whole grains best. 03/05/04 6:45:14 PM MST

Unless it is "whole wheat" it is all teh same with molasses and food color added. 03/04/04 9:08:50 PM MST

Whole Wheat should be the first ingredient listed. If it says "processed," avoid it! 03/04/04 11:22:55 AM MST

Spelt is good too! 03/04/04 5:17:16 AM MST

body can absorb wheat better 03/03/04 7:36:02 PM MST

Homemade 03/03/04 7:03:13 PM MST

I am allergic to wheat--but can eat a mix of other grains plus wheat. 03/03/04 4:43:58 PM MST


Wheat bread is better, but still has the bad white ingredients. If too many "good" grains are added, it no longer tastes like bread, but becomes an exotic, chewy grain loaf, 03/02/04 6:10:25 PM MST


As long as it is whole wheat and not processed wheat. 03/02/04 4:59:38 PM MST

I would like more whole grain recipies for buns, biscuits, waffles, etc. 03/02/04 4:01:14 PM MST

I can't eat wheat bread because of a intestinal condition 03/02/04 3:13:49 PM MST

I like home made whole grain Spelt bread the best. 03/02/04 11:25:49 AM MST

stone-ground wholewheat preferred 03/02/04 11:06:26 AM MST

There's nothing like white bread! 03/02/04 8:39:30 AM MST

I only make white bread when I'm in a hurry. 03/02/04 7:21:54 AM MST

Rye is my favorite 03/02/04 3:56:17 AM MST

I mill & bake my own wheat bread 03/01/04 5:04:32 PM MST

Whole grains rock 03/01/04 4:12:01 PM MST

wheat is by far the best 03/01/04 3:39:09 PM MST

wheat is by far the best 03/01/04 3:39:07 PM MST

Actually, multi-grain if store bought, but when it comes to home made bread, I love the white as much as I love ALL home made favorite food in the world. Rita 03/01/04 11:35:43 AM MST

It has more flavor and substance 03/01/04 11:34:47 AM MST

I grind the wheat and make homemade bread. Haven't bought bread in almost 30 years. 03/01/04 10:24:57 AM MST

Prefer whole wheat sourdough bread (at the Cracker Barrel) 03/01/04 9:38:35 AM MST

I prefer multiple, sprouted grain breads 03/01/04 9:27:58 AM MST

Just plain good 03/01/04 7:55:15 AM MST

I chose white bread because the question is "What bread do you prefer?" However, we only eat whole grain breads - bummer!!! 03/01/04 7:25:49 AM MST

better change my habits 03/01/04 6:06:04 AM MST

Wheat bread is so much better for one's health 03/01/04 5:33:48 AM MST

I'm with your wife - the heavier and denser the better! 02/29/04 10:38:56 PM MST

oatbran is the way to go 02/29/04 10:29:19 PM MST

I love wheat bread. The nuttier and grainier the better 02/29/04 6:02:58 PM MST

At our house, we 'prefer' white, but we're eating more whole wheat. 02/29/04 5:51:00 PM MST

Homemade is best 02/29/04 5:21:59 PM MST

Why is rye bread so expensive? 02/29/04 4:38:37 PM MST

oatnut 02/29/04 4:37:04 PM MST

I use both depending on what the sandwich or meal is 02/29/04 4:22:41 PM MST

multi-grain is the best 02/29/04 4:17:54 PM MST

Come on... I know I am "supposed" to eat wheat, but hey, I grew up on white. How do you change your childhood??? 02/29/04 3:49:33 PM MST

While I understand that white & wheat have the same amount of calories per slice, wheat is more filling therefore you eat less, ergo less calories. Great for dieters 02/29/04 3:48:55 PM MST

The reason I "must" eat white bread is I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and amoung other things I can not eat wheat and many grains. White bread does not seem to bother me. 02/29/04 3:27:25 PM MST

Rye, it is! 02/29/04 3:26:30 PM MST

Bread & butter is better on white! 02/29/04 3:23:21 PM MST

!6 Grain or whatever has the most fibre 02/29/04 2:42:54 PM MST

White bread is just goo. It has no taste,and no redeeming nutritional value. ICK! 02/29/04 2:40:53 PM MST

I make both wheat and white bread in my bread machine. We practically never buy bread at the store. I also make pizza dough and rolls - using the dough setting. Never a failure! I love it! 02/29/04 2:28:51 PM MST

I like multigrain 02/29/04 2:21:22 PM MST

I also like "others" but don't buy enriched white flour bread 02/29/04 1:46:21 PM MST

It don't stick to the roof of my mouth, like white bread, and is more healhty. 02/29/04 1:29:13 PM MST

All those people eating wheat bread are killing their body. Wheat is not digestable. And If I am in the Same room with it then I stop breathing. So there. White bread Rules And Home-made White bread is even better. 02/29/04 1:19:57 PM MST

hazelnut is good, too 02/29/04 1:03:08 PM MST

We NEVER buy white bread. One loaf pushed together makes a nice bouncyball. 02/29/04 1:01:27 PM MST

I am a Baker by trade no white school paste for me 02/29/04 12:43:39 PM MST

We just love wheat bread for the taste and texture, plus it is better for you. 02/29/04 12:13:11 PM MST

I like 12 grain breads 02/29/04 12:03:39 PM MST

Sorry Dan 02/29/04 11:48:01 AM MST

I like the wheat bread the best because I know it is so good for me . Not the empty nutrition the white bread has. Whole wheat bread has more satiety also ; so I don't have to deal with hunger pangs before the next meal. Donna Faye 02/29/04 11:23:07 AM MST

I was told that the bread you should always buy was the loaf you had to drag out of the store! 02/29/04 11:22:19 AM MST

white and the softer the better 02/29/04 10:32:19 AM MST

I also like oak based breads and breads with whole seeds and courser grains. Wonder bread was band from our house when my girls were little and they're in their 30's now. 02/29/04 9:52:17 AM MST

You cannot have peanut butter and jelly with anything but fluffy white bread!!!!!!! 02/29/04 9:38:16 AM MST

Why is it so hard to find good whole wheat bread that doesn't have a lot of sugar or honey? 02/29/04 8:50:56 AM MST

Wheat bread has so much more flavor! 02/29/04 8:30:46 AM MST

must be whole grain with 2grams or more of fiber 02/29/04 8:30:19 AM MST

personally I like mixed white & wheat, nice texture not so gritty 02/29/04 8:10:29 AM MST

I'm shocked there are so many wheat lovers! I too love my white bread even though it's not as healthy as wheat. 02/29/04 8:09:51 AM MST

it is healther for you 02/29/04 8:05:32 AM MST

cracked wheat also 02/29/04 7:28:48 AM MST

Imake my own wheat bread every week for the kids lunches. It is so much healthier and no preservatives! 02/29/04 6:47:43 AM MST

Homemade wheat is the best 02/29/04 6:25:46 AM MST

Must be WHOLE wheat 02/29/04 5:32:59 AM MST

Wheat bread makes your stomach feel better. Better digestion, less heartburn. 02/29/04 5:11:02 AM MST

I love wheat bread, white has no taste to me. 02/29/04 4:45:09 AM MST

I find Whole Wheat Bread too dry. 02/29/04 3:26:28 AM MST

Prefer WHITE bread, but must have the whole wheat to rationalize healthier eating. 02/28/04 10:55:18 PM MST

White is good but not healthy!! 02/28/04 9:24:59 PM MST

But I only make grilled cheese sandwiches on white! 02/28/04 9:15:00 PM MST

Thank you for letting me in on this poll. It surprises me that there are that may whole wheat fans out there! Great! 02/28/04 9:05:35 PM MST

I prefer white for baguettes and some other kinds of artisan breads, wheat for sandwich breads 02/28/04 9:04:27 PM MST

Healthier and the fiber is great 02/28/04 9:01:04 PM MST

none 02/28/04 8:45:38 PM MST

I love whole bread because it is very hearty. 02/28/04 8:35:53 PM MST

My ggc love pumpernickle, rye & 8 grain breads so I do too! They're 2 and 4 years old. 02/28/04 8:31:10 PM MST

multi grains are the best!!! 02/28/04 8:28:28 PM MST

Whole wheat is much more healthy for you if you use the whole berry flour. The fiber goes up and the carbs are not as critical. I like to add bran as well to whole wheat. 02/28/04 8:17:05 PM MST

I like wheat bread too, but my first love is White right out of the oven. 02/28/04 8:12:04 PM MST

whole wheat bread all the way , even though every now and then potato bread isn`t bad either 02/28/04 7:30:46 PM MST

sourdough is good too 02/28/04 7:17:00 PM MST

I know that wheat is better for you but yuck, I eat rye 02/28/04 7:15:04 PM MST

I think Wheat bread is better for you. White bread is so doughy, you can roll it in a ball. It doesn't have the body wheat bread has. 02/28/04 7:07:48 PM MST

mostly because I know it is good for me. 02/28/04 6:50:12 PM MST

I only eat 100% whole wheat 02/28/04 6:32:55 PM MST

I only eat 100% whole wheat 02/28/04 6:32:55 PM MST

MORE BRAN 02/28/04 6:29:58 PM MST

Most of the 'wheat' breads in the store are no more healthy for you than the white, considering that wheat flour begins to lose nutrition three hours after its ground. Also, those who have made 'real' whole wheat know that most wheat bread is less that 50% wheat. 100% IS much darker and heavier. If you are eating wheat bread for nutrition, make it yourself or buy it at Great Harvest Bakery. The store-bought stuff may have an appealing taste, but nutrition is simply not there! 02/28/04 6:18:52 PM MST

i find whole wheat bread too sweet. 02/28/04 5:56:32 PM MST

The only time white bread tastes better to me is when the taste of the flour will overpower the taste of added ingredients such as fruit and herbs. Even so, it only takes a small percentage of white flour to make the difference. If I'm going to eat white flour, it's going to be in desserts, but I also try to avoid it there. Just read all other comments. I would love to have Home Cook'n devote some space to all those people who said they could make light fluffy whole wheat bread. I have a method I use with my bread machine that is better than most. Would be glad to share it. 02/28/04 5:55:27 PM MST

Eat what you enjoy because life is way to short not to 02/28/04 5:54:49 PM MST

The only time white bread tastes better to me is when the taste of the flour will overpower the taste of added ingredients such as fruit and herbs. Even so, it only takes a small percentage of white flour to make the difference. If I'm going to eat white flour, it's going to be in desserts, but I also try to avoid it there. 02/28/04 5:46:55 PM MST

I'm on South Beach Diet, so the more whole grains, the better. 02/28/04 5:23:54 PM MST

WHEAT HAS MORE TASTE 02/28/04 5:15:51 PM MST

i love potato bread 02/28/04 4:50:19 PM MST

my younger children prefer white and my 17 year old prefers wheat 02/28/04 4:35:29 PM MST

My family & I love the whole grain breads -- tastey, crunchy, and healthy. 02/28/04 4:31:07 PM MST

All white bread does is stick to the roof of your mouth, not to mention your arteries! 02/28/04 4:28:00 PM MST

With only two choices, I went with wheat, but I do like multi grain breads as well, and I love oatmean bread and raisin bread. I'd also like a recipe for Anadama Bread 02/28/04 4:27:43 PM MST

4 yr. old prefers white, but we love wheat. 02/28/04 4:17:31 PM MST

Like ww bread for sandwiches but want white bread for french toast, bread pudding, sticky buns, & etc. Love other types of bread also. Make own bread most of time. Too many fillers in store bought. 02/28/04 4:13:48 PM MST

My husband also prefers the softest & whitest bread he can find. Betty 02/28/04 4:10:17 PM MST

Whole wheat has been so much recommended for folks with diet problems and for folks with colon problems that we just know we've got to eat Wheat for we like our bread with everything. 02/28/04 3:32:26 PM MST

Health knowledge switched me to whole wheat 02/28/04 3:24:09 PM MST

Health knowledge switched me to whole wheat 02/28/04 3:22:08 PM MST

Especially homemade which is so easy to do now with a bread machine. No excuses to eat what my mother called "putty bread". 02/28/04 3:07:12 PM MST

Homemade, of course! 02/28/04 3:02:32 PM MST

feel wheat is healthier 02/28/04 2:53:20 PM MST

Also love three seed bread 02/28/04 2:51:53 PM MST

wheat 02/28/04 2:51:39 PM MST

Once we get used to whole grain wheat bread, white bread tastes like cotton candy 02/28/04 2:40:56 PM MST

It's healthier! 02/28/04 2:36:33 PM MST

Breadmachine wheat made by my hubby everyday is the greatest! Thanks, Bubba! 02/28/04 2:29:17 PM MST

8under other are grain plus nuts,poppyseeds,sonnflower seed breads 02/28/04 2:26:15 PM MST

plain whole wheat or with other grains and seeds int it, but it has to be whole wheat base 02/28/04 2:08:43 PM MST

All I ever had as a child was wheat bread. I've had enough for a while. 02/28/04 2:05:48 PM MST

Before it was even recommended over white bread, I loved the chewy texture and nuttier flavor of wheat WAY over the bland raw doughy taste after white bread is in my mouth. Ew. 02/28/04 1:59:05 PM MST

the grainier the better! 02/28/04 1:32:41 PM MST

I vote for Squaw & Oat 02/28/04 1:26:01 PM MST

Especially since Orowheat has come up with a "low carb" wheat bread! 02/28/04 1:07:08 PM MST

I think wheat bread is healthier and tastier. I also love spelt bread, but it is hard to find. 02/28/04 1:05:53 PM MST

Body & Flavor 02/28/04 12:42:42 PM MST

It very much depends on its usage. White for PB&J and Wheat for turkey and cheese 02/28/04 12:40:49 PM MST

rye or pump 02/28/04 12:17:49 PM MST

I really like multi-grain bread 02/28/04 12:16:46 PM MST

Your wife is right. The glycemic index of foods is compared to the glycemic index of white bread. It is basically pure sugar. Also, homemade/homeground flour is best as it has all the fiber and important vitamins still there. Sorry!! ;-) 02/28/04 12:09:15 PM MST

I love both! Just depends on the mood and meal. 02/28/04 12:01:57 PM MST

Our family is spoiled. I make bread in a breadmaker every day, and they love it! We wake up to the wonderful smell of bread--I use the delay feature. 02/28/04 12:00:32 PM MST

I switched the whole family to wheat over 20 years ago and we were in a very small minority-I'm glad that's changing. 02/28/04 11:57:12 AM MST

white for me. wheat for wife. 02/28/04 11:53:14 AM MST

Wheat Bread is healthier! 02/28/04 11:46:04 AM MST

Actually, I just luv bread period! I do try to stay away from white bread. I adore eating a varity of and whole grain bread. However, I do have a problem passing up the ole French Baggette...especially if it is hot. MPJ from Quebec, Canada 02/28/04 11:44:22 AM MST

Love that wheat bread 02/28/04 11:39:17 AM MST

whole grains are the best for my bodyalthough i do like drinking beer. so i probably not the best person to ask. thank you fore wour web site. god bless. 02/28/04 11:38:39 AM MST

Sourdough on occasion, Crumpets or English Muffins - but buy whole wheat when we have sandwiches 02/28/04 11:32:45 AM MST

Sourdough, Crumpets 02/28/04 11:31:33 AM MST

So many people wrote they preferred white, but ate wheat, because it was "healthy". I am 74 and eat anything I want to. Wonder bread white just plain tastes good. Only kind I buy. 02/28/04 11:26:13 AM MST

I buy the Wonder Bread 100% whole wheat. I like it better than the heavy whole wheat breads. 02/28/04 11:23:19 AM MST

Prefer white, but purchase wheat 02/28/04 11:21:46 AM MST

i like the wonder too-soft and light-wish the bread maker did it like that1 02/28/04 11:05:03 AM MST

I prefer multi grain (the heaviest loaf possible) or oatmeal is my top favorite 02/28/04 11:02:47 AM MST

Wheat is healthier 02/28/04 10:56:24 AM MST

Sorry, Dan. With wheat you will live longer! 02/28/04 10:47:42 AM MST

any whole grain bread is delicious 02/28/04 10:45:09 AM MST

Natures Harvest Honey Whole Grain Wheat bread is our favorite...less sugar than most. 02/28/04 10:37:43 AM MST

Wheat has a better taste & is much healthier 02/28/04 10:24:12 AM MST

I'm sure wheat is better for you but I still like white better. Can't imagine peanut butter on wheat or grilled cheese on wheat. 02/28/04 10:22:16 AM MST

Always wheat!! 02/28/04 10:18:48 AM MST

Flavor- and texture-wise, white is a treat, like candy. We always had wheat growing up, so that's normal for me and my tastebuds love white. However, on a regular basis, wheat wins. 02/28/04 10:15:07 AM MST

Flavor- and texture-wise, white is a treat, like candy. We always had wheat growing up, so that 02/28/04 10:13:57 AM MST

White bread has no nutrional value 02/28/04 10:08:21 AM MST

I like Wheat but my husband only likes wheat 02/28/04 10:07:43 AM MST

but white bread can be bought really cheap! 02/28/04 10:06:41 AM MST

multi grain or oatmeal 02/28/04 10:06:11 AM MST

Of course this is homemade wheat bread not store bought! 02/28/04 10:00:44 AM MST

I prefer GOOD home made white bread, but..........if I have to purchase bread I prefer the grain type bread, nice and dense! 02/28/04 9:46:52 AM MST


Wheat has more flavor - it's healthier too! 02/28/04 9:42:06 AM MST

We eat mostly RYE! 02/28/04 9:37:04 AM MST

Anything but white bread 02/28/04 9:32:56 AM MST

white is my favorite but health wise I eat 100% whole wheat 02/28/04 9:32:32 AM MST

After real wheat bread, white bread is "moosh". The more crunchy nuts and seeds, the better! 02/28/04 9:29:32 AM MST

Whole grain bread of any kind is REAL bread, and home made is best . White is only 'immitation' bread, definately not the real thing. 02/28/04 9:24:36 AM MST

I really do like the taste of good whole wheat, but occasionally I enjoy some Wonderful soft white bread too! 02/28/04 9:20:59 AM MST

The package must say t"WHOLE" Whea 02/28/04 9:16:23 AM MST

Whole wheat can't be beat !! 02/28/04 9:14:36 AM MST

it tastes better than plain white 02/28/04 9:05:37 AM MST

Wheat is healthier 02/28/04 8:51:52 AM MST

Prefer white BUT I BUY WHEAT 02/28/04 8:46:35 AM MST

Each of these categories contain more than "Wonder" or "Roman Meal." The choice is to confining. Sourdough, pumpernikel for example. 02/28/04 8:44:55 AM MST

You've never had wheat bread until you've had whole wheat bread made from freshly ground grain. It's the best! 02/28/04 8:41:26 AM MST

White bread is like eating puffy glue! 02/28/04 8:39:23 AM MST 02/28/04 8:38:16 AM MST

You asked about store bread which has terrible white bread. Homemade white bread fresh and hot and dripping with butter is the best! 02/28/04 8:35:35 AM MST

Of course, there is whole wheat bread and then there is whole wheat bread, read the label, or bake your own. 02/28/04 8:33:01 AM MST

34 liars and 3 politicians 02/28/04 8:29:41 AM MST

We Wheat Lovers are in the majority! 02/28/04 8:27:21 AM MST

better for you 02/28/04 8:23:12 AM MST

White bread is so, well, white! 02/28/04 8:20:03 AM MST

White bread tastes like chalk 02/28/04 8:18:56 AM MST

We've eaten wheat and other breads for years. White bread for us has to be French, sourdough or Italian. Pitas, wraps, and tortillas are favorites too! 02/28/04 8:09:46 AM MST

The heartier, the better. It's more filling, healthier, and just plain tastes better! 02/28/04 8:05:26 AM MST

How can that figure be right as there is twice as much white bread on the shelves as wheat bread 02/28/04 8:03:49 AM MST

I'm with Kathy, the heavier the better 02/28/04 7:53:27 AM MST

I have the world's best whole wheat bread recipe. 02/28/04 7:51:42 AM MST

Whole wheat has more flavor, especially the ones with cracked grains. 02/28/04 7:41:28 AM MST

Whole Wheat has much mor taste, texture and Nutritional value! 02/28/04 7:34:19 AM MST

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread is the absoulute Best! Made from freshly ground Whole Wheat Flour is the optimal choice nutritionally because all of the nurtrients are fresh and unprocessed. All the fiber from the wheat kernel is still present. I am able to make whole wheat loaves that are not heavy like some comercially availabe whole wheat breads! Recently some new brands of whole wheat bread have come out that are close to homemade. Harper" 02/28/04 7:30:25 AM MST

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread is the absoulute Best! Made from freshly ground Whole Wheat Flour is the optimal choice nutritionally because all of the nurtrients are fresh and unprocessed. All the fiber from the wheat kernel is still present. I am able to make whole wheat loaves that are not heavy like some comercially availabe whole wheat breads! Recently some new brands of whole wheat bread have come out that are close to homemade. Harper" 02/28/04 7:30:25 AM MST

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread is the absoulute Best! Made from freshly ground Whole Wheat Flour is the optimal choice nutritionally and 02/28/04 7:26:20 AM MST

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