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Volume II
December 23, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Do you prefer a white or dark turkey meat?" The results are in:

  • White meat (313) 55%
  • Dark meat (244) 46%
  • Neither, I don't like Turkey (3) 1%
Total Votes: 565


I don't like dry turkey

I likewhite turkey

White to slice, dark to make soup afterwards

Dark turkey meat has much more cholestrol than white meat

Nothing better than a sandwich of turkey with mayo, salt, pepper and onion

white meat is very deliciouss

white meat is always dry whereas dark meat is definitely more juicy

white meat is always dry whereas dark meat is definitely more juicy

I am not bothered really i like both

And the wing is good too.

I'm not really fond of turkey, so giving up Thanksgiving was easy- I'm a Jehovah Witness now.

I like white meat if it is not over cooked and is still moist, not dry.

I like white meat if it is not over cooked and is still moist, not dry.

white meat is more healthful

I like the dark meat it is the juicest part, the white meat has always been too dry and its even worse with left over turkey or chicken.

I think my story with white meat is similar to Dan's

Neither my husband or I like white meat.

leaves more dark meat for me

i LOVE white turkey meat for sandwiches and i think it tastes better as long as you don't over cook it :)

I like everything white!!!!

I will eat white meat turkey only if it is smothered in cranberry sauce!

more tender...juicier....yummy! Why do you think all the diets advise you to use light turkey or chicken meat?

I agree that the dark meat is juicier and has more flavor. You do know that it has more fat content though. :(

The dark meat to me has more flavor and tends to be moister.

I really like them both, but tend to reach for white meat first.

Happy Turkey Day, to all!

I do not really like turkey but white meat with gravy is OK>

dark has more taste and is moister

I like turkey. White, dark, it dosn't matter that much. But my husband dosn't. I have to cook something different for him. Thanksgiving and Christmas has always ment two different meals, so my sister and I get to gether. Each fixes half. And with 9 people around the table there is no leftovers.

The dark meat is too fowl!

It helps if one uses gravy to put on "dry" turkey so it does not bother me eating it.

White meat is more lean and you can do more with it

When I was younger, I always ate the white, but now that I am older, I think the brown is much less dry!

go white meat!

better taste! dark meat the legs can be smoked

i like cooking with turkey

Actually if the tukey is properly cooked I like both equally.

I don't like chicken either

I actually lik a mix

White only if it is cooked right. Moist

the dark meat is much more moist and flavorful.

moist, more flavorful, and more n

I grew up in Hawaii and there, no one likes white meat. When you order chicken or turkey, you are automatically given good thigh meat or a drumstick. How do these people on the mainland enjoy the dry white stuff? It's only good in a sandwich with lots of white stuff! I get so upset when a resturant advertizes turkey and then only has white meat to offer! How rude!

I really like both white and dark meat, but if I have to choose I will take white.

I find that dark meat has more flavor and is very moist.

I just don't like the taste of the dark meat.

I really like both white and dark.

Prefer chicken

I am glad there is a variety, that is the spice of life

Unfortunatly, I have never liked turkey. A small baked ham was also cooked on the said day as a second choice of meat. (It was for me.)

I really like both

WE only cook the turkey breast anymore, = a lot less work and bones to contend with! Besides I only eat the white meat.

The past 10 years, I'm finding out the dark meat is so much more moist and has a wonderful flavor that the white doesn't have. So, I guess I like both.

I like the thigh

Actually I, I like them both, but the white meat makes much better sandwiches the day after!

On Thanksgiving Day, I prefer dark meat with stuffing and gravy; however, I like either white or dark meat in sandwiches the next day... as long as there is orange-cranberry relish to go with the turkey. The plain cranberry jelly just doesn't quite make it for sandwiches.

actually, I like both

Dark meat always seems much moister no matter how the turkey is cooked.

White, definitely! When I was a child, my mom would roast a whole chicken or turkey. We kids always had to have dark meat; my parents got the white meat. I was in college before I ever tasted "real" white meat. Now, I just buy the turkey breast for roasting on Thanksgiving or boneless, skinless chicken breasts for the "regular" meals during the year.

If you bake your turkey in a cooking bag,fill the cavities with onions and celery,the white meat will be very juicy,not dry. The dark meat always tastes greasy to me.

I really like both, but prefer some of the dark

Dark meat seems to be jucier

The white meat if done properly is moist and tender compared to the dark which I think is a lot tougher.

white meat is dry

The wife likes white because she can put cranberry sauce on it, and she says it taste great.

Iprefer white meat; however, I do like an ocasional leg.

White is healthier for you

I like white meat in sandwiches and with gravy

love the tail

I've always liked the wings and breast best.

It depends what I am eating it with. Dark meat with gravy, potatoes, and stuffing. But I love white meat as left overs for sandwiches.

My parents liked the white and back then the breast was small. So us kids all got the dark. And that is what I still like.

Actually, I love turkey....all kinds, but I'm with you and prefer the dark a little more!

the dark meat is so juicy compared to the white

Both are great!

really i like both

I don't like DRY turkey

I prefer the dark meat but the white meat is supposed to have less fat so I usually will eat the white!

The white turkey meat is lower in calories than the dark meat.

I like white meat also but some times it is very dry. It depends on the cook.

white is too dry even if NOT overcooked


More moist. Same goes for the Wing meat.

has more flavor

Most people won't eat white because it is dry. Try Smoking it or better yet get a wild turkey the meat is all dark!

Dark meat has better flavor and goes better with all the sides.

I likke my turkey dry!

I like the dark meat because it's more moist but I eat the white because it's supposed to be better for you.

I prefer white but like some dark.

The white meat gets too dry. The dark meat stays nice and moist. I like to use the white meat for sandwiches. I can add a lot of mayonaise.

dark meat is genereally more moist

what a vote area for those of us who like both white and dark

I think I've always had overcooked turkey too, the white is always dry. But the ones in my family who prefer the white don't think it is dry. Go figger!

Don't overcook the turkey.

Dark meat has more flavor, great in other recipes, pot pies,etc.

I agree. Dark meat is much juicier, and has more flavor. However, everyone else in the family prefers white meat, so we have a lot of turkey breast roasts.

White is also good - leftovers make good samdwiches with lots of Mayonaise, and my wife makes a great Turkey Tetrazinni with mostly white meat.

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