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Volume I
January 28, 2003

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Tortilla Soup
and Bread Baking Tips for those who Knead it!

Colleen shows Dan how to make her special Tortilla Soup. Click here (56k) to watch the video. If you have a high speed connection, click here (300k) to see a higher quality video clip. Click here to see the Tortilla Soup recipe. Although Dan and Colleen look pretty smooth, they had a cheese problem that we turned into a blooper. Click here to see the blooper video. Click here to find out more about the cool Tortilla Maker that was mentioned in the video.

         When I pulled my first attempt at bread making from the oven, the small, dense brick of bread discouraged me greatly. I'd put in so much effort; and hadn't I followed the recipe? After the memories of disappointment faded, I felt motivated to make another loaf. The baked bread aroma and texture of the bread improved enough that I kept at it. Twelve years later, I'm still making all the bread my family eats and filling the entire house with that homey, pleasant smell of goodness every week or so.

         Of all the things that have helped me in the realm of bread making, practice tops my list as most important. That first attempt, I did not have a clue as to when to stop kneading . . . or how really to knead. Inevitably, practice helped me gain the experience with dough that turned out the light, tasty loaves we now enjoy.

         If you really want to master bread, then keep practicing. Your first loaf can't turn out worse than mine did. As you stock up on experience, your sliced loaves will stack up on your dining table daily to the delight of all who share meals with you. And take heart in the words of Peter Reinhart, "Fresh baked bread is always a hit, no matter how it turns out."

         In this month's articles, you'll find the other things, beyond practice, that helped me gain confidence in bread making. After perusing the information, head to your baking center and test out some of my time-tested bread favorites like:

Jesse Evans Smith's 90 Minute Bread
100% Whole Wheat Bread
Molasses Rye Bread
Lighter Than Air Refrigerator Rolls
Sesame French Bread

         And if that bakery around the corner turns out all the delicious bread you'd never want to duplicate, enjoy the video and recipe for Tortilla Soup.

         Wishing you that fresh baked bread aroma,

         Desi @ DVO

Tortilla Soup

The Substance Within the Loaf
Tips and Techniques of the Home Baker
Bread Making References
Spicing Up Breads

Refresh Stale Bread
Freeze Your Own Dough
Troubleshooting Bread

Pillsbury Doughboy Obituary
Software Problems
Actual Signs across the USA


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