It's Here... Somewhere Book

by Alice Fulton-Osborne

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  • Discover the 8 Streamlining Steps
  • Learn how to stop wasting time searching for lost things!
  • Reduce the stress caused by clutter in your home
  • Simplify your life!

It's Here... Somewhere in the Kitchen

It's Here... Somewhere in the Kitchen Video

Are you tired of those organizational binges where you shuffle stuff from one room to another—-and just end up with a neater mess? Let this book show you the secrets of home organization. Learn how to put your home in order and keep it that way!

Most books tell you how to find a place for everything, then to put everything in its place. Alice Fulton-Osborne and Pauline Hatch add one vital step for lasting success: they show you the key to home organization: how to find more places by streamlining first, THEN organizing.

With their unique room-by-room approach to home organization, they take you through every drawer, closet and cupboard in your home, helping you weed out what you don’t like, use, need, want, or have room for, and properly store what’s left. You’ll learn...

  • The three reasons people cling to things they don’t like, use, need, want, or have room for, and how to overcome them
  • The real definition of clutter, and why it is a stress-maker and an energy-zapper, and what to do with it by using the authors’ Eight Streamlining Steps
  • How to save energy and time (up to two months per year), and create comfortable, productivity-boosting environments
  • The secrets professional custodians use to clean any bathroom (in five to ten minutes)
  • How to get more help from family members in maintaining the home, simply by creating “reasonable responsibilities,”
  • How to create more storage space and take storage areas that currently exist, from the state of “lost in space” to “found in place” How to visually expand living and working spaces and create low-to no-maintenance rooms
  • Specific ideas for organizing each room in your house—from master bedroom to sewing room, bathroom to baby’s room, and family room to back porch—with a variety of kitchen set-up ideas.

You’ll discover that this system of home organization not only helps you keep your house in order, but the familiar feelings of being overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed are eliminated as you eliminate clutter and overload from your home and workplace. It’s Here...Somewhere will give you an advantage over whatever your day has to offer!

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I found this book 3 years ago and I am thrilled you're offering it to people! She's absolutely right about getting the clutter out BEFORE organizing. I've been living clutter-free ever since. This book is a long-term answer to a life-long problem! Way to go DVO!



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