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Volume II
March 5, 2010

Campfire Can Cooking
By Camille Rhoades

This may be a different take on cans and cooking then the rest of this newsletter, but I thought it was a fun idea for backyard and camping fun as the weather starts to warm up! Rather than cooking with what is IN the can, this article is about cooking WITH the can.

This simple and easy way of campfire cooking uses a large coffee can on coals. Layer your food into the can, cover it and use the coffee can to cook your meal. This is a very simple and easy method for camp cooking or backyard fire pit fun.

Basic Can Cooking Instructions

1. Use an empty 44-ounce coffee can for your pot.
2. Layer your food into the can.
3. Suggested foods: Use hamburger or chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and other vegetables.
4. Seal the top of the coffee can with heavy-duty foil.
5. Place the can onto the coals.
6. Put a few coals on top of the foil.
7. Cook the can for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.
8. Carefully remove the can from the fire. Using gloves may be a good idea.
9. Serve up your mouth-watering meal!

Save your old coffee cans or get some large cans from a canning supply or food storage company, and try out this idea on your next camping trip. You won’t even need to bring a pan along!

Baked Potato In A Can

1 medium size potato
heavy duty aluminum foil
tin can (from veggies or beans)

Clean the potato. Butter the outside of the potato really well, and season to taste. Put potato into the tin can and cover top of can with foil. Place the tin can next to a fire pit of coals and let it set for 25 minutes, then turn can 90° and cook for another 20 minutes (do not peek at potato). After 45 minutes you will have a perfect baked potato.

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Coffee Can Chicken

1 whole chicken (no more than 3 1/2 lbs)
heavy duty aluminum foil

Punch or drill holes in gallon size tin can 1 inch up from the bottom and spaced 1 inch apart around the can. Place 18 briquettes (no more no less) in the bottom of the can and light. (The can gets hot enough to burn the grass below it so be very careful where you place the can.) Rub chicken with butter and season as you like. Wrap chicken with heavy aluminum foil twice. (First in the side to side direction and then from bottom to top. Make sure foil closing point is on the top of the chicken.) Once charcoal has turned white, place the chicken into the can with the legs facing the top of the can. It's perfectly fine if the chicken sticks out of the can. Leave the can and chicken sit for 3 hours. When 3 hours has past you can remove the chicken from the can and when you open the foil the chicken will be fall off the bone tender, juicy and delicious.

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