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Volume II
July 2, 2010

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What do you think is the best vacation option?" Here are the results:

What do you think is the best vacation option?

Do Disneyland with the Kids! (24) 19%
Camp your Heart Out (52) 40%
Let the Kids Play with Cousins, Hello Beach! (53) 41%

Total Votes: 129


It's all a matter of moderation. I think the kids would love to be with the cousins ~ for a little while!

it is very important for couples to have a vacation without the kids now and then. Helps couples remain friends. Only thing id you spend alot of time takjing about the kids but that's OK.

Save Disneyland & Camping until the kids are a little older and will remember more. Mom & Dad deserve/NEED some alone time.

It's not about you! When you became a parent, It became about those kids. Dad and Mom take a back seat to what is best for the kids (Note: I did not say anything about what the kids "want"...) and you need to spend every minute of quality time with them you can scrape together. You will have many years to escape after they are off to college or otherwise on there own.

Never to young for camping, one of my fondest memories with my Dad (my parents are divorced) is going to yellowstone in a school bus they had converted into a RV I was 5 and I was playing cards with my cousin when something rocked the bus I looked up into the face of a brown bear thank goodness I was inside!

I said camping, but only do that if your little ones are well night potty trained (cuz nothing sucks more than dealing with bedwetting while camping!)

Camping makes long lasting family memories.

5 and 3 is to-o-o-o young for Disney

5 and 3! Go to the beach, they'll get their time soon enough. Go play with momma while you have a chance!

My vote was for camping. But, in an RV

The kids are too young to remember Disneyland. Camping with a three year old? Not my idea of a vacation. The kids will enjoy the cousins and you can have a real vacation. (Next year take care of the cousins while their parents go on vacatation.)

Definitely the beach

There are plenty of things to do while camping. You've got swimming, playing in the sand, walking, finding things to collecting, playing games, riding scooters, campfire songs. All you have to do is use a little imagination. Enjoy yourself no matter what you decide. Have a great vacation.

Kids are too young for Disneyland - you can camp any weekend - go for the gusto, everyone deserves a little time on the beach every ten years

Your children are only young and with you for a short time. Make family memories which will last you a life time.

Disney Land is wonderful, but get your moneys worth.Do Not go during the peak of the season. July and Aug. They will be able to ride only 3 maybe 4 rides for the whole day. The rest of the time they and you will be standing in long lines, "Holding Tanks" we called them. and you wait and wait to be able to get on the ride.

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