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Volume II
August 6, 2010

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "How many servings of fruit or vegetables do you dish up per day?" Here are the results:

How many servings of fruit or vegetables do you dish up per day?

0 Servings; Dying slowly! (6) 3%
1-2 Servings; Don't care for fruit or veggies much! (51) 25%
3-4 Servings; We're getting there! (86) 42%
5 or more Servings; Fruit and Veggies Rock! (60) 30%

Total Votes: 203


It's all a matter of moderation. I think the kids would love to be with the cousins ~ for a little while!

We love our fruits and veggies whether we eat fresh, frozen or canned. I am always adding veggies to what ever casserole or main dish I am making. We also make our own V-8 drink from the juice of canned fruit and veggies and vegetable/fruit puree. When we eat cereal, yogurt or ice cream we pile the fruit on. It really isn't that hard when you get the right mind set.

A great health improver and loosing weight has become easy just from eating more fruit and veggies.

i love veggis just easier to grab quick stuff.

I love fruit when it's in season, but steer away from it when it is not. Usually stick to the old standbys, apples, oranges, bananas, grapes during off season. I eat a lot of green veggies, asparagus, greens (most kinds) brocolli, etc.

not that we don't care for fruit & veggies, we just don't take the time like we should. I love them!

I use to think I had to cook a vegetable for our lunch and dinner meals. When I started adding just good ol' fresh vegetables, everyone started eating more. And of couse, we eat at least one piece of fruit with every meal. It usually counts as dessert. (Along with the Ice Cream we add to it...LOL)

Could eat more is someone prepared them for me

Fruits and vegetables are still extras.

how much is a serving

forget the meat, eat vegs & fruit

Most people don't know how much a "serving" of fruit or vegetables is. It would help to clarify that.

yay for frozen veggies.

Lots of Fruit in the morning

I love most fruits and hate most veggies.

I believe five a day keeps the doctors away!

3-4 Servings

we enjoy fruits and veg. If we had garden fresh we would eat more.

Mom used to cook vegs until mushy. I am just now learning to cook until crispy-tender. It makes a world of difference! I eat more veggies now than ever. (But still not enough!)

I am a diabetic, type 2, and I eat 5 or more of these to healthy.

we like lots of fresh fruits and vegs. Blueberries, cantalope, oranges, apples. Sweet potatoe bakes, onions, carots, celery, broccoli, caulflower always

1-2 is my answer but it isn't because of the statement that went with that. I think I'm in the same boat as you are. Taste and convenience. I love vegetables and fruits.

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