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Volume II
January 9, 2007

Charitable Traditions Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, Do you have a charitable tradition at Christmas time? What a fun poll. I absolutely LOVED the comments. Thank you so much for sharing!! Here are the results:

Do you have a charitable tradition at Christmas time?
Yes! (47) 65%
No, not really. (25) 35%


We "adopt" someone who has no way to go for Christmas and have them join our family Christmas

we give all year, especially to the food bank.

We give to orphaned children in a group home.

I try to give a turkey or ham to a family that I know can't afford it. Along with the makings of a decent meal.

This year I coordinated efforts with other missionary moms and we sent 17 Christmas packages to all the needy LDS missionaries in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission. The group is facilitated through It has been a heartwarming and wonderful experience.

Why concentrate on giving at Christmas time when we should be giving all the time? We spread our giving out over the year.

We started giving Shoe Boxes to Samaritans Purse at our local church. Our church also participates in building homes through an organization in Mexico. Now we get to combine the efforts. Our shoe boxes full of toiletries, school supplies and toys now go the families in Mexico that we met while building the homes. Filling the boxes is a lot of fun...seeing how much we can fit in and what fun items we can gather. I think it would be fun if every family just bought a shoe box full of gifts for everyone on their list...and dontated the money they don't spend on large ticket items to charity!

Every Christmas Eve we put together a box with a movie, fleece blankets, popcorn, hot chocolate, and treats. We add a few special gifts for each individual in the family we have chosen. We wrap it and leave it on their porch.

My charitable tradition is to give an extra contribution to the local no-kill animal shelter so the animals can have stockings filled with treats for each pet. Obviously, I'm an animal lover!

My husband & I take the money that is budgeted for Christmas and choose several charities, along with our regular recipients each month, and give a part of the "pot" until it has all been given away. Everyone who we used to give gifts to are happy that we do our Christmas presents this way and don't mind that they have not gotten anything themselves from us. What a warm feeling we have doing Christmas this way.

I take a special education student Christmas shopping. I give her $10 to spend at the Dollar Tree where everything is $1 so she can buy for 10 people. She comes with her list and an idea of what each person might like (a photo frame with an “arty” looking picture in it for her art teacher). She is such a warm-hearted girl; it is a joy to watch her make decisions and to see her happiness at being able to give to others.

Three of our sons are US Marines and my mother started a tradition of taking all of us out (I had 8 children still at home and 3 grandchildren when we started this) shopping with a pre-set amount of money for each person to buy things for the Marine Reserves Toys for Tots. The kids have had a ball buying things for other kids and don't mind in the least that they aren't getting the toys. It has been a real blessing to see their eagerness and generous spirit and we've had tons of fun!!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and GOD BLESS YOU !!!!

I'm convinced that the more we give (using common sense), the more we have. "In as much as ye have done it to one of the least of these, ye have done it unto Me. (probably a bad quote, but you get the gist).

Samaritan's purse shoes boxes

I make a point of giving over 12% or our income year around.

Our bank decorates a tree with clothing item and size so that people can purchase needed clothing for someone in need of clothes, so they can be dressed properly to work. Many people get jobs after getting nicer clothing.

We do a sub for santa.

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