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Volume II
December 21, 2007

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What Are Your Family's Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes?" Here are the results:

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes Poll Results

Turkey (51) 24%
Potatoes (19) 9%
Cranberry Relish (8) 4%
Stuffing (68) 32%
Gravy (3) 1%
Vegetable Casserole (21) 10%
Pie or Dessert (45) 21%

Total Votes: 215


Eliminate all sugar foods AND use a sugar substitute.

Hoorah for Stuffing!

Sweet potato, Praline Pumpkin, Crumble Top Apple, Jumbleberry, Chocolate Pecan, Lemon Meringue & Banana Cream Pies all make an appearance at out Thanksgiving Dessert Table!! Yummy!!

The truth be known my family's favorite recipe is my homemade noodles. Made with fresh range free brown eggs from my chickens.

We ALWAYS make my mom's fresh cranberry relish with fresh orange. None of the canned cranberries for this family! ;-)

I can't wait for the sweet potato casserole!

I voted for pumpkin pie, but Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without turkey.

how can you have stuffing without the turkey?

Pecan Tarts along with the Pumpkin Pie are favorites, although, I like Grandma's carmeled sweet potatoes.

The giblet gravy that my husband cooks is mmm-mmm good!

could be stuffing

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, iced pumpkin name long as it has pumpkin in it!


It doesn't matter what we have for dinner on Thanksgiving but if there are no pumpkin pies made with the Libby recipe then you can hear the complaints. There has to be at least a half a dozen pumpkin pies to last from breakfast to late-night snaks on Thanksgiving Day.

like to vote for more then one

Ruttabagas, even the grand children look forward to them at Thanksgiving.

Home made stuffing is the best

my family prefers ham

2nd is my Pie (Pumkin)

You should have had another selection; all of the above. We always have to have all of the recipes.

I make turkey fritters out of my left over turkey for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving, it is a tradtion in my family that goes back many years. It is our favorite part of the holiday season. I serve them with homemade cranberry sauce and fried eggs. I keep two large electric skillets going to make everything come out at the same time. I keep my fritters warm in the oven as I cook them. My family looks forward to the holidays because we always get together for a big breakfast and invite friends to join us. It is a very special time for us as a family.

Although the stuffing recipe was given to me by an aunt many years ago and I have freely given it out to anyone who asks, they all agree that I make it best. Sounds a little like I've been set up to be the stuffing person forever. No matter, I love to cook and enjoy making a great Thanksgiving for everyone.

Actually, the favorites are most of the fall seasonal desserts. "Yum Yum Pudding" was a family favorite (Date Pudding with butterscotch sauce and whipped cream.) Yep, decadent.

My Mother has passed, but she always made the most simple and delicious stuffing I have ever eaten anywhere! I have tried, but you can never make it as good as Mom's. Linda

Actually all of the above have favorite recipes except for vegetable casserole



Stuffing makes the memory. Anybody can roast a turkey. Even mixing mushroom soup with greenbeans requires little skill..

My mom never baked her stuffing or stuffed the turkey with it. She always makes it into balls and boils them in turkey broth. They are moist and fabulous. Now that mom has traveled to the next world, I make the traditional stuffing balls.

This was my husband's vote. My favorite is winter root vegetables roasted with fresh rosemary and olive oil with some sea salt over the top! Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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