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Volume II
August 7, 2007

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Do You Prefer Grilling with Gas or Charcoal?" Here are the results:

Do You Prefer Grilling with Gas or Charcoal?

Gas (164) 56%
Charcoal (120) 41%
Other (7) 2%

Total Votes: 291


Can't beat the flavor of real charcoal

Gas is easier (yes, no excuse for being lazy) but is also easier to control heat

Much better flavor with charcoal!

gas has no taste

We've had our natural gas grill installed outside more than 40 years ago, and it's so handy. However, I really love hot dogs cooked on a stick over a "gathered" wood outdoor fire the best of all!

Charcoal is great but Gas is much faster and cleaner


charcoal grilled food tastes better

Smoky taste not as good as charcoal, but cooking time is not a ritual.

Gas is much easier and quicker than charcoal

charcoal has a better flavor to me gas grill is like cooking on the stove

Gas is grilling, charcoal is bar-b-qing.

It's a lot easier with gas...

Charcoal is the only way to go. Tastes better more versatile. Its the difference between gas and electric stoves.

I prefer the flavor of charcoal, but the easiness of gas

Charcoal is to hard to get going and keep the right temp for us.

it is fast, and you have your meal in less time it takes to set up the charcoal and get it strarted

gas gives you maximum control of tempture

gas rules, but for extremely hot temps I use charcoal grill.

It's quicker and it tast better

Gas is for begginers!

Gas is faster/easier to control temp.

If you are going to cook with gas you are not getting what grilling is all about. Taste and flavor.

Actually, we've never tried gas. We have a smoker cooker that uses green alder. I guess we should have said "Other"

i am a asthma patient, for this for this reason i need to prefer gas grill

Charcoal has better flavor, but gas it easier.

I prefer charcoal even though it takes longer to prepare the fire. The taste, to us at least, is 100% above that of gas/propane. It gives food a campfire cooked taste.

By the time you can get charcoal going you can have your meal ready to eat on a gas grill.

well i love coal and hubby loves gas so gas wins

I love the taste of food using charcoal(brings back great memories) but gas is easy and convenient.

To me food grilled on a gas grill tastes just like food broiled in the oven - no matter what wood chips you use with the grill.

We grill with gas because it is easier and heats up faster but really like the flavor you get with charcoal. Steaks done over wood are wonderful!!

I like both

I prefer the taste of charcoal.

Natural gas vs Propane?

charcoal and wood just seem to add even more flavor

I love the convenience of cooking with gas, but you can't beat the flavor of a charcoal grill!!

It is so handy to turn on the propane and begin to cook in 20 minutes!

better heat control

gas is quicker and clean up is easier

I believe that charcoal is unhealthy

I prefer the convenience of gas grilling, but I miss the charcoal flavor!

Grilling - Gas or Charcoal?
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