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Volume II
December 19, 2006

Internet Shopping Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, How much Internet shopping do you plan to do this year? I am surprised at how evenly divided the numbers are! Here are the results:

How much Internet shopping do you plan to do this year?
Half (11) 8%
More than Half (31) 24%
Less than Half (35) 27%
Almost All (26) 20%
Virtually None (27) 21%

Total Votes: 130

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The thing I hate most in this world is Christmas Shopping Crowds.

I would buy everything online if the shipping wasn't so high. I'm not going to pay S&H for a DVD I can go to Walmart and buy but I'd love the hassle of not going there and buying it. The things I buy online are books and tapes I would not find locally or I might get a better deal even with S&H.

I still don't trust handing my credit card number out!

I like shopping online if I know what I want, but I like to wander the isles in the store to get ideas.

I live in a small town that only has a Walmart. Internet shopping makes good sense to me because of the selections.

I would do it all to excuse myself form fighting other parents for toys for the kids, but it is my only escape form the kids. I gotta keep it, at least a little.

I love to shop on line hate to shop in stores.

Sometimes you don't have to pay the Sales Tax (depending on where you are) so this year I am keeping track so that the Tax Man does not get mad at me in January!

The bad part is that I buy a lot for me at the same time. Caught up in the moment I guess!

I am housebound, the internet has allowed me to shop with more variation.

I picked Virtually None because I may make only one or two purchases via Internet.

Internet shopping allows me to select Brand, size, color etc and comparison shop without ng the stress and time involved in tradtional store-to -store shopping. I find that even though I may have to pay some shipping costs with internet shopping, my savings in time, gasoline and my increased "comfort" ( I can shop in my P.J.,s if I want!!) are well worth the amount of money spent on shipping. And there are deals to be found on shipping as well! With a certain amount of qualifying purchase, some companies offer free shipping as well-- so internet shopping is a very SMART way to go for your holiday or year-round shopping needs.

I would have done a little more but ai have waited to long to look on line.

Because of security issues we seldom shop online.

Living overseas, it is the easiest way to shop and ship for those back in the States!

I'm still afraid of putting my credit card number out there!

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