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Volume II
December 19, 2006

Charitable Traditions?

A close friend of mine named Mitch Huhem believes that you can never give yourself poor.

He lives by this belief too. Here's an example to prove it: while driving his car recently, Mitch received a phone call from his friend Dave who had a problem: "They asked to borrow my new travel trailer" Dave explained "but...the thing is...I worked really hard to buy it. We saved our money and everything!"

"Dave," Mitch said "Where does everything that we have come from?" "What?" Dave replied. "Who gives us everything that we have?" Mitch asked. "Well, I guess Heavenly Father gives us all that we have."

"That's right!" Mitch responded. "So, that travel trailer is not really yours, is it? It's really the Lord's travel trailer, right?" "Well, I guess so" Dave said.

In that very moment, my friend Mitch was thrown by a sudden jolt. He stopped mid-sentence and said "Oh my goodness Dave! I think someone just hit the Lord's car!"

Mitch got out of the car and as he approached the vehicle behind him he saw a teenage girl sobbing in the front seat. "I'm so sorry I hit you" she sobbed "this is my 3rd accident this month! I'm so sorry!"

Speaking to his friend on the phone, Mitch said "Dave, this girl needs a blessing." So he went to his car where he always keeps gifts...just in case of an emergency (this is the absolute truth).

He grabbed a gift and then came back to the girl and said "this is your lucky day because I'm going to have my insurance take care of the damages. Your Heavenly Father loves you and wanted you to have this gift. Just please promise me that you will drive more carefully from now on!"

This is one example of how Mitch lives his life everyday. He gives and gives and gives and he cannot seem to give himself poor. In fact, the truth is, he has become very wealthy!

As Kathy and I approach Christmas, the charity of my friend Mitch comes to mind. Kathy and I observe the excitement that our kids have for Christmas and it pleases us. However, we want to teach them the truth regarding gifts...which is that there is something that brings even more joy than gift-getting...which is gift-giving!

We give a lot of gifts and we usually do a sub-for-Santa each year but I'm looking for more ideas and I thought maybe you could help. Do you have a charitable tradition at Christmas time? If so, please cast your vote and add a comment. I would love to hear what it is!

Thank you and God Bless!


Do you have a charitable tradition at Christmas time?
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