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Volume II
March 25, 2005

Mouses or Mice Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What do you call more than one computer mouse?" As unbelievable as it may sound, Mouses won! Here are the official results:

  • Mouses (217) 58%
  • Mice (155) 42%
Total Votes: 372


mice sounds logical and are we not referring to computers?

mouses is impropper

i could not picture myself saying mouses because it is not a word

I could not picture myself using a mice it sounds wierd

i could not picture myself saying mouses because it is not a word

mice sound better

i think it make more sense

i think it sounds better

I am doing a project on this topic, so any other information that you could add to the site would be useful.

We're not talking the four-legged variety here folks!

I am going to ask my English teacher.

Because if talking about animals you would call it mice other wise is mouses like the top of a drink call in French mouses otherwise if your and hunter they should call Moose

I've worked in the tech field for a long time...the plural of computer mouse is mice

"Mouses" sounds like something a charater from a cartoon would say.

It's not live, it is a plural of an inanimate thing.

Really, does it matter?????

Again I say "mouses"!

I can't see why the correct plural form of mouse, which is mice, should differ when referring to a computer part although both sound funny when you think about it.


Maybe its like deer, singluar and plural are the same!

mice is a relating term for a rodent not an eletronic device.

more than one computer "mouse" - add an 's'

If a computer mouse is named after the little rodent because it looks like one, then mice would be appropriate.

The plural of Mouse is Mice.

The word, mice, just sounds better.

I vote "mouses" just because anyone concerned about what to call plural computer mice obviously doesn't have anything better to do with their time so they probably couldn't care less about grammar and spelling rules so it makes no difference whatsoever. Here's a great quote off the subject: "Michael Jackson, global superstar, once had privacy. But, along with his skin pigment, it vanished."

it's mouses

Computer mouse is a mouse, mice are little animals.

If you told my wife there were extra mice in the back room you would never have to worry about her going there... Hmmmmmm.

I think both are valid but I defer to the dictionary where the plural of mouse is mice

Mice refers to the live animal only.

Wow! What's happening to good grammar?

It just does not sound right calling them mice

This way confusion over the little rodent wouldn't occur!!

an instrument not animal

Obviously, we're talking mice when referring to the critters...but mice when referring to computer mouses sounds a little retarded.

A computer mouse is an inanimate object the same as house. The plural of house is not hice.

mice means more than one mouse


Mice for sure. Spies will betray themselves like transfering the fork between hands while eating!!

It's English, not Computerese.

I think "mouses" is the computer-age-specific plural for mouse; this distinguishes clearly and makes it so it doesn't sound like you're talking about rodents. We're all used to the singular "mouse" for one computer mouse, but I think that because we use the plural more rarely, distinguishing between the electronic device and the critter seems more natural.

how about "meese"

the dictonary says the plural of mouse is mice.

A plural is plural--and the plural of mouse is mice!

A rose by any other name, etc.

When talking computers; it's mouses, (they're not critters).

Mice is plural for the rodent - mouse since there could generally be more than one. Since there is generally ONLY one mouse per computer, I believe it's safe to say mouses for more then one.

My dictionary shows the plural as "mice," no matter whether it's the animal or the gadget!

This is the computer age, the old rules don't apply!

I don't even like that someone named the device a "mouse", so mouses distinguishes it a little.

my work office is split too.

But I think we really need a third option, multiple computer mouse are just called mouse. Just like you don't pluralize moose...

the plural of live mouse is mice so it follows that more than one computer mouse are a tangle of mice

What about Meeces?


When referring to a mouse that is an animal, "mice" would be correct when referring to more than one. It's hard to explain why, but I can't bring myself to say "mice" when referring to more than one computer mouse. It's something to do with not wanting to attribute animal characteristics to a piece of equipment. Mouse is wrong, but mice is really wrong.

I feel like in this situation, the term "mice" refers to rodents, not the item that belongs to a computer.

Both forms are correct (Am Her Dict)

In this incidence, throw out the English rules and take "mouses" Then we know when to Chase and scream or to go hunting equipment. I prefer the equipment hunt!!!

Both are actually wrong. Should be meeses as in "I hate meeses to pieces

why throw grammar out the window? It was and always will be mice.

Mice just doesn't sound right when referring to a computer mouse.

mouses, give me a break!!!!


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