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Volume II
February 28, 2005

What Diet Plan Works Best Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What diet plan has worked best for you? " The results are in:

  • Weight Watchers (149) 34%
  • Jenny Craig (3) 1%
  • Atkins (36) 8%
  • South Beach (49) 11%
  • Low Carb (41) 9%
  • Low Fat (31) 31%
  • Slim Fast (2) 0%
  • Richard Simmons (2) 0%
  • Zone (9) 2%
  • Other (114)
Total Votes: 436


looks like weight wachers to me!

From the many I've tried, WW has been the best in every way & I always go back to them.

I eat most foods in moderation

Weight Watchers is just a good healthy eating program that you can live with.

Weight Watchers is the most realistic diet of all to keep weight off. However if you are looking to shed a quick 10 pounds, Atkins works very well. Be forwarned, you will gain it back plus a few pounds. So is it the 160 bucks or health. Only you can answer that. Good luck.

I love your products and your staff is the best Executive Chef Richard Cicic

Try First Place

Common sense - lots of water- LOTS of exercise - mixed completely with MAJOR STRESS ! = Getting back down to pre-baby weight (lost 37lbs) in 3 mos!

When I used the Scarsdale Diet, it emphasized low fat meats and raw vegetables. I lost a pound a day for three weeks and never gained it back

u should join your nearist weight watchers club if you wantr to feel great

weight watchers is the best they rule

i think that weight watchers is the best way to lose weight so go for it you will look great and you will fit into all your clothes

I have lost 80 pounds by eating one cup of food per meal, period. No calories to count, no carbs to worry about. My energy levels are higher than ever. Smart eating doesn't cost anything. This is what has worked for me.

I have been doing a modified Atkins for years. I have lost and kept off about 50 lbs.

The best way to lose weight is to move a little more and eat a little less.

I lost 40 lbs on weight watchers and I have kept if off

weight watchers is the easiest "life style change" I've ever done. You can still eat anything you want - within reason - and you learn to make smart choices!

easiest "life style change" I've ever done. You can still eat anything you want - within reason - and you learn to make smart choices!

I see a nutritionist regularly and she highly recommends South Beach for idea's. She says it's the healthiest diet out there.

Plain old low calorie, If I watch it during the day, I can indulge a bit at night. I do like a little wine with dinner.

low carb diet works best for me!

Foloow any plan that you feel you will be able to stick with, but above all else get moving more with and exercise plan that you can also stick with !

Just get moving more and eat in moderation, allowing yourself peiodic "treats" in small portions so that you do not feel that your are dieting, but rather making healthy eating choces!

I enjoy the freedom of choice.

Weight Watchers is great because you can eat virtually anything you like, as long as you don't go overboard. No deprivation and no eliminating entire food groups.

Loved the support to keep me on track

Heakthy eating lifestyle with exercise

stop eating so much

Counting calories and regular exercise is the ONLY way!

Diets so not work. Learning how to eat, eating to live, moderation, and EXERCISE! These are the only things that keep weight off permantly! Ideal Weight must come by Life Style

I like meat.......... Need I say more??? lol

I find that low carb is by far the easiest diet I have ever been on and the one that is more manageable in terms of sticking to a diet for long periods. I have found that recipes I cooked before I started my low carb diet are easily changed to accommodate the diet so I don't feel I'm giving up very much.

I find that low carb is by far the easiest diet I have ever been on and the one that is more manageable in terms of sticking to a diet for long periods. I have found that recipes I cooked before I started my low carb diet are easily changed to accommodate the diet so I don't feel I'm giving up very much.

I have lost and kept 53 lbs off for 2 years

It's simple: use more calories than you consume. Eat less, exercise more! Simple, but dieting is no fun, no matter how you do it.

use a salad plate for portion control if still hungry eat more vegies lots of water and exercise even if only walking

Atkins works very well for men and young women (under 45). Men and women all need to exercise - treadmill plus weight training. It takes 3 months to change your metabolism so stick with it.

Low Fat is much easier to figure in my head and substitute when necessary. South Beach is okay if you have all day to cook and a pantry big enough for their weird ingredients (if you can find them).

I lost 40 pounds in the last 4 months. Basically, I "counted" my nutrition facts for one week, to see what I was REALLY eating - eye opener! Then, I cut back on my fat (I was eating about 120 g per day, unknowingly) and exercised 6 days a week. Now I only exercise 3 days each week, just to maintain. I didn't eliminate any foods - just 'banked' my fat/calories so I could eat if something special came up, and used moderation. MelRae

I think eating a balanced diet in moderation is the best way to diet.

Scarsdale Diet is great

moderate amounts of everything

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a weight loss program that helps people lose weight by giving them positive feeback. Meetings are held throughout the country and paraticipants weigh in each week. Participants also take turn giving lessons on new ideas they find work best for them. For many it is just what they need. The most is $20 memebership per year and a small monthly dues fee.

Dr. Gott's - No sugar, no flour!

exercise is the most important thing to do. Exercise almost every day. I do Jazzercise. Also whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and olive oil or cannola. Read D&C 89 and pay attention to the dos. Also read Dr. Willets book out of Harvard School of Public Health. Go for it!!!

The Body for Life plan is great. Eat 5-6 smaller meals per day.

Exercise seems to be the key with any diet!

After my heart attack I had to change the way I eat. I found if I didn't worry so much about the fat content and just paid attention to how much cholesterol was in certain foods and recipes and used ones with low cholesterol the fat content was taken care of and I have lost 25 pounds.

i find moderation and excercize works best. No cravings

I have not used any particular "diet plan". I just eat sensibly and I use workout videos for strength training and cardio. THAT is what helkped me lose fat which = weight!

stop eating after 2:00pm

I liked the Scarsdale Diet

I've lost 25# so far and have more to go, but on WW I know I'll make it. Good luck to all of you!

HerbaLife! It is reasonable and working!

Eat lots of vegetables, lean meat, only whole grains, no sugar no white flour, no white rice. South Beach has lots of good meal/snack ideas. Works great!

By "other," I mean eat in moderation. Get the nutrients from the Food Pyramid, & make it habit to eat only 1 helping! To ward off the presecution complex, treat yourself to a special dessert once a week, one helping! And exercise at least 30 min. 4-5 days a week. It works. MM

You might try TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) It has worked for lots of folks. Headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. Good Luck.

Cut all portions in half: always leave some of everything on your plate; no sweets

My best diet: HEALTHY FOOD! I only eat one (1) serving.

I think that the best long-term plan is to eat whatever you like, but make your portions small enough to keep calories where they need to be for your plan.

Do the online version -- it's easiest!

Just changing my diet and eating healthy, 5 to 7 fruits and veggies a day, fish and chicken, very little red meat, keep servings down to a deck of cards size. I eat oatmeal with a tablespoon of ground walnuts and a serving of orange juice every morning. I lost 30 pounds without even trying.

Overeaters Anonymous-a permanent solution

I've done most of them, but as I got older the low carb options worked better for me.

weight watches you can stay on a lifetime

A side effect of my new medication has made me lose my appertite

I have lost 60 pounds on Weight watchers flex plan and although I have been stuck I know the rest will go too.

I have kept off the 90+ lbs I lost on Weight Watchers. I found it to be one of the easiest plans to follow for a lifetime. It is truly a lifestyle change, not a "diet".

6 Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurman - the Extreme Makover excercise Guru has an excellent program. I lost 45 pounds in 6 weeks, and I was eating all the time. Dan M, Shelby Township, MI

To date I have lost 52 pounds with Weight Watchers and kept it off for over 1 year. It's not a "diet" but a change of eating lifestyle that will work.

pushing away from the table when comfortably full works matter how much food is left on my plate.

I'm diabetic and I have lost 68 pounds. I count calories, fat and carbohydrates. My dietian said the diabetic diet is the best. Because it is not a diet it is a healthy eating plan. Pat Siler

Many persons does not anything about the Zone. It is not fast but very secure

I lost 104 on Weight Watchers

Dr. Phil McGraw

I found it interesting that Weight Watchers is leading. It is probably the ultimate healthy diet "for life". It also leans heavily to "Low Carb", but its structured approach is often too time consuming. If you can achieve the time, it is great. If not: eliminate those sugars, cut those grain and root carbs, increase those other veggies and watch it melt away.

NONE of them really work for the long term!

Iguess any diet plan will work if you stick with it

I lost 70lbs by healthy eating, portion control and drank 1/2 my body weight in oz's of water everyday. Alot of exercise also...

I am doing Atkins currently, only I skipped the induction phase. I have lost 32 pounds in 4 months. The best thing is that I know I will continue to lose until I reach my goal weight and once I get there I will know how to stay there for life!

I lost over 50 lbs on weightwatchers (plans and strategies) without paying.....just follow the plan.

I lost nearly 60 pounds last year by 1) eliminating most processed sugar from my diet, 2)watching portion sizes, and 3) using organic foods whenever possible. Oh, and then there's exercise! I've kept the weight off and feel healthier, sleep better, and have more energy.

It would be great if we could see points on the recipe...too bad Weight Watcher International won't go for it.

W.W worked for years then quit working arund 50 years old. In 3 months only lost 1/2 pound following point system. lost 35 on low carb in 4 months. 20lb of it has been off for 3 years.jan bryant

Try Lindora. Visit their website at or call 1(800) Lindora

Out of desperation I ate on one day only vegetables. then the next day I ate a regular meal. I was afraid this was not eating right,so I asked my family physician. He said eating regular food every other day and only veggies on the in between days was O.K. I lost 20 lbs. while doing it--in one month.

Other = Just say "NO!" - Just don't put things in your mouth - only YOU have control over that. If you do put something risky in your mouth, just don't put too much!!! Ask yourself which you want more; your clothes to fit (or $160.00) & to be able to keep up with your children when they are involved in activities, or to be struggling and feel uncomfortable with tight clothes. Activity (and a sensible eating style) is the only way for s to lose and keep off the weight. Good luck! P.S. Don't do what you wouldn't allow your kids to do!

WW works if you have the self-control to stick with it. My problem is that I love the taste of food, apparently mostly high calorie foods! I have trouble sticking with it after about a 20-25 lb. loss.

moderate carbs/count calories

with the addition of low carb fruits and vegetables like, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, spinach zucchini, and salads.,

Try Dr. Phil - it's really a balanced diet and not a fad.

It's all about balance, reduce simple carbs. South Beach phase II works real well. Zone explains the science behind it more completely.

South Beach focuses on limited carbs limited for a short time, and after that, only healthy carbs. The others promote either extremely low carbs, or unhealthy ones, like white flour and even sugar.

Take a look at "Eating for Life" by Bill Phillips... There is a free day! Once again do this with exercise, like walking and don't forget at least 64 oz water/day! Good luck and win Good Health w/the $160! Susie

People assume that what they have heard about the Atkins diet is true. If you truly read the book and follow it for life, you will be the healthiest that you have ever been in your life. It teaches you how to eat carbohydrates correctly using the glycemic index.

eDiets Heart Healthy Diet

Eating right and avoiding too much sugar and snacks as well as exercising has worked best for me.

I've tried them all - Weight Watchers I can live with.

It is all in my mind. I have to get the right mind set to eat smaller servings and exercise. Once I start getting my "high" from exercise the right food choices take care of themselves. I don't crave sweets and chocolate as much.

Lost 40 lbs;now over 1 year

Portion Control, a little of anything and everything.

I lost 60 pounds using the principles of the Weigh Down Workshop, a Scripture-based program. You just don't eat if you're not hungry and stop when you're full. There are some wonderful Scriptures to help you do just that!


plain old calorie counting with regular exercise!

I've found that South Beach is very healthy and easy to follow and prepare.

Of all the diet I have loked at the South Beach goes along with general nutrition guideline better than most without having to give up everything I like, just modify. Need a South Beach DVD

A diet plan is a lifestyle that you need to use for the rest of your life, not a quick fix. Therefore, I have had more succcess with Weight Watchers because it teaches me how to eat for a lifetime.


Most diets will work if you are dedicated, but WW has the best, balanced program

I think just eating a healthy diet is the best way to go. We all know eating too much food, too much fat and not enough fruits and vegetables is what got us into the shape we area in. We need to eat less and exercise more.

WW has been GREAT for me.. and it's not that difficult. Plus, I am learning how to make lasting changes to be healthier AND happier.

First Place Bible Weight Lose Plan

I have lost 80lbs so far with WW and also have recently started Curves and am down 25"

don't cut carbs, cut out the simple carbs and add complex. Try V8, you might like it. Vanilla slim fast is a great coffee creamer. There are amino acid blends that help your body utilize fat for eat smart, exercise more and remember to take your supplements.

diet center works for me

Sugar Busters

eat what you want but don't eat after 5:00 & drink lots of water. before eating, drink 1 glass of water. Good luck!!!

I lost 60 pounds on "The Carbohydrate Addicts" diet . Now I've added a moderate low fat diet to that and have maintained and stayed off cholesterol meds. I'm 67 1/2 yrs old and have had my BP meds reduced twice since the weight loss and lowered cholesterol numbers! I did this on my own and without exercise. I'm very sedentary, and generally eat only one meal a day. . .I know it wouldn't work for everyone, but it works for me. I do drink lots of water and take vitamins and supplements. I began in August of 2001. mjh

I am a Weight Watchers Life Time member. I love all food and this program helps me enjoy the foods I like and eating from all the food groups. This is not a diet, it is a complete life style change - one that does not get boring! Mary Pull

exercise is important and just cutting down on the portions

Dana Thornock's "Lean and Free 2000+" is the best program out there. We are fortunate that she lives locally and has helped literally hundreds of people successfully.

eating in moderation and EXERCISE!

I like the felxibility

South Beach took it off, but it goes back on really fast when you quit!

Add life to your everyday eating. Fresh water, fruits, veggies and other healthy choices.

I did LA Weight Loss -- but it is really a diet of low fat, low carb, and portion control plus the added incentive of being accountable to someone 3 times a week in the weight loss phase.

All manmade diets will take weight off for a time - but it will come back. If you want to be free from gluttony forever, check out

My daughter has been following a low-carb plan and in 4 months has lost 50 lbs. She is insulin-resistant and this plan has helped her condition greatly!

suzanne sommers

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