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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
February 28, 2005

Concerned Reader


I agree with Katie.  Jokes that support stereotypes are not helpful to anyone.  They are degrading and attempt to maintain the statuesque.  The worst part was your very defensive response to Katie

Hi Dan! 

Just want to let you know that I disagree with Katie.  Personally, I don't think ANY of your jokes and humor have been in bad taste.  'Course, my husband and I are really good at laughing at ourselves!  I think Katie may just be taking life a bit too seriously.  There are so many more things of genuine consequence in our world (Iraq, tsunamis and other storms, unemployment, federal/trade deficits, etc.) that we do have to take seriously.... other than "blond" and "husband" jokes, or anything else like that.

Please keep up the good humor.  Your newsletters always make us smile (as well as get hungry!).

Thanks for such an amazing product and the care you show your customers.

Jeannine in Idaho

Dear Dan,

I just looked back at the "DVD Re-winder for Blondes". Maybe, if you had just let it stand alone without labeling it for blondes; then, perhaps this wouldn't have singled out any one particular group (so that someone would have "something" to use to get back at you).  Actually, one day my daughter was over to visit (she is grown with her own family) and we were playing a CD.  After the music ended, I asked my daughter to turn it over.  No, I am not blonde, just old and, as I was busy doing something, I didn't even think about what I said.  (Hearken back to the old 33s.)  Oh, well, she had a great laugh and so did I when I realized what I had said.  There is so much stress in the world these days, that a simple, innocent "funny" is just what we all need.  More power to you!



Hi Dan,

Hmmm…personally I found the blond joke in bad taste and not funny. But then it took me a few seconds to get it. (Remember woman generally have a different sense of humour then men). The ‘dumb husband’ joke did not offend but I did not laugh -. It was a put down of men and honestly Dan – there is too much of that these days (Simpson! And the feminist). Women need to honour their husbands and sometimes we need to learn to overlook our faults and weaknesses – my sweetheart btw is a big help around the house!

That being said, I almost always laugh at all your jokes (and I look forward to them the most) and the one that still makes me laugh just to think about it was the little girl who frequented the construction site and picked up a few new choice words!  LOL

So my two cents worth? (I work with a lot of woman in weight loss counseling). Stay away from gender jokes of all kinds. People (especially woman and I didn’t say that) are easily offended. If you like, I can send you a whole bunch of funny e-mails I have saved which I think are tasteful….then again I liked the joke about the little girl and the construction workers. J If I remember correctly you got some flak from that one.

One other comment and do not tell anyone I said this, but woman like to complain! I suspect most of your viewers are woman…sometimes it is better to just let it ride and they will forget…hmmm I sound like my husband!


Julie Cortens

Canada (it is wind-chill of –45F up here today)

Yes I am one of those who look forward to the newsletter to read the funnies.  They are a great way to break the winter (or anytime) blues.  I needed a good laugh and when I opened up my newsletter and red the article on "Tazer Test"  I laughed so hard I cried!  It was hilarious.  How many of us, male or female, have wondered about something only to try it out and getting the raw end of the deal?  I know I have.  This reminded me of "Tim, the toolman, Taylor".  It was great.  I don't think it was to put down a man's ability to think.  I am sorry this one lady was offended, but let's just look on the light side of things.  There has been so much destruction and negativity in the news lately.  We need to be able to laugh.  Keep up the good work.  I enjoy receiving the newsletter and always take something that I can use.

Carla Wallach

Bakersfield, CA

Hi Dan,

I've never seen anything on your site that I considered offensive in any way.  I have been most impressed by your sense of family and your consideration for your customers.  You're always there to help.  Keep up the good work.

Some people need to lighten up a little.

Carolyn Holland

I enjoy the Jest For Fun. I do not feel that they have been in bad taste. I know that they are just for fun and share them with my husband. Thanks for an interesting and uplifting newsletter.

Aletta Moffett

Dan and All,

When God made me He put in a very large funny bone.  I think that if we can't laugh at ourselves and others once in a while, then we must be in hell where there is no joy.

Yes, sometimes I am offended at something someone says or puts into my email box, but I realize that not everyone has the same feelings as I do nor do they have the same background as I do.  (I personally like dumb blonde jokes
because I am brunette and the sister who tormented me while growing up was blonde.  It is a way to "get back" at her.  :-)

If something offends  you in  the emails just don't open it.  If someone says something offensive, don't listen (you do this with the kids and hubby all the time.)

But more than anything else laugh.  Laugh at life.  It is good for your health!!

Take offense at the people who batter their spouse, who beat their kids, or blow up buildings.

Thanks for listening.  Bye the way did you hear the one about........

Victoria Langdon

Dear Dan, remember that "laughter is the best medicine".  Pass it on.



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