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Volume II
February 28, 2005

Hot Potatoes


It sounds like the ones I had at a county fair a number of years ago.  If so, they are from Australia and battered with a seasoned flour & milk mixture and then deep fried like any other battered vegetable.  And, yes, they are wonderful!  I made some with a thick pancake batter that I made and added a little pepper, garlic and onion powders to.  When I pulled them out of the fryer, I sprinkled them with some salt.



I have eaten fried baked potatoes before, but never breaded.  The non-breaded method of cooking is to clean, wash, and dry a potato (make sure all water is off) then insert it in 350 degree hot oil to cover by at least a ½”.  It will take approximately 30 minutes and you will know it is done when it floats to the top. 

Remove from oil and let drain for a few minutes and then serve … the skins are especially delicious this way.

Alternate way used in restaurants is to bake potatoes, without wrapping or salt or pepper on the exterior before hand, and let it cool.  When you need a baked potato you drop one in the fryer and it will float in approximately 5 minutes or so and it is done. The inside is as fluffy as if it were freshly baked.

The time above can differ due to the size of the potato.


Michael O. Johnson

I know how to make the fried baked potato and am willing to share it with your readers.

All you do is bake a potato, mix Krustez pancake batter for pancakes and then dip the hot potato into the mixture and deep fry it until it is golden brown.  Simple, huh.  I might add salt to taste to the batter since it is kind of sweet.

Hope this helps

Carla Jo Peterson


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