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Volume II
April 30, 2005

Cook'n Mexican
by Amy Hunt

Just because you've had a taco or enchilada doesn't mean you've experienced Mexican food, it only means you've scratched the surface of this countries traditional, culinary delights. Mexico has a very diverse cuisine culture. All regions serve up their own specialties from Huevos Rancheros in Sonora to Mole Poblano in Puebla.


Food is a very important part of the Mexican culture. Much preparation and hard work is put into every meal. Nothing is rushed. In the article A Traditional Mexican Comida by Karen Hursh Grabner she describes her experience in Mexico.

One of the most fascinating aspects of adjusting to life in another country is exploring the cultural landscape of cooking and eating. In Mexico, food is an intrinsic part of festivals, rituals, and personnal commemorations, but the daily meals are the focal points around which everyday life revolves. Mealtimes, especially comida – the main meal of the day – are treated as special intervals, to be approached with relish and respect for the work which went into their preparation.

Even those who do not have time for breakfast, or who pass up the late-night supper, sit down to a substantial comida in the afternoon. Translating comida as «lunch», as is often done, does not do it justice, for it is nothing like the gringo version of lunch and is served later than most people north-of-the-border would eat lunch. It is much more like the old-fashioned mid-day dinners that people ate in the United States back when a larger percentage of the population were living in small towns or on farms and the three daily meals were called breakfast, dinner and supper.

A good Mexican meal is exploding with flavor; no wonders they take the time to sit down and truly enjoy it. It is sad to say that in our culture we think we are far too busy to take a two-hour lunch. Imagine the good it would do us to just take a break during our hectic days.

Preparing Mexican meals can be quick and easy. These spicy dishes have become a regular in my home. I have always enjoyed the bite that chili peppers can add to a dish, and who can say no to a fresh made tortilla. Also, I think my husband loves me more when I serve a hot Mexican meal. So go pick up some chili peppers and get Cook’n Mexican.

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