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Volume II
October 30, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked,
"Which peanut butter do you prefer?"
The results are in:

  • Chunky (289) 45%
  • Creamy (356) 55%
Total Votes: 645


I love peanut butter


I like chunky too but others in my home don't so I just buy creamy.

I love them both too much

love Jif

I just love the way it sounds when you chew!

I only eat Skippy.

prefer reduced fat - with total fat of reg. avg. 16g vs. reduced 12 g. -that's 40 fat calories per Tbsp. difference!

Jif is by far the best!

I have eaten only chunky for about the past 25 years, then, this summer, my niece and I went to the beach together and since she prefers smooth, I tried it again and really did enjoy it for a change!

I love the wholesome creamy PB and not the chunky that would get stuck in between my teeth.

Chunky style just seems to taste

I prefer natural (peanuts and dash of salt, only). The solid shortening used to prevent separation is and gross. I stir my natural real good with a knife and keep it in the 'frige... no separation.


The ones that have no additives do not always spread easy but they are the best for ya

chunky can choke children.

If you REALLY want to know what I prefer, give me the natural peanut butter! Ingredients: Peanuts and salt.

Our whole family prefer Arrowhead Mills Organic peanut butter, try it, you may never want regular peanut butter again!!!

natural peanut butter, none of that fake stuff!

homemade only - no added "stuff"

I like fressh ground

Hard to believe, I just love nuts.

I prefer an all natural peanut butter such as Smucker' s made right here in Ohio

I prefer Jif Creamy

We prefer the Extra Chunky

For chunky it's better the complete peanut instead

Both my husband and I prefer chunky peanut butter, but our children (ages 22 and 28) prefer creamy. We wonder if it is because we grew up eating creamy, as chunky was not an option back then, so we fed our children chunky and they prefer the opposite!

My husband and son are allergic to nuts (including peanuts), but for some strange reason they can eat creamy peanut butter. I love nuts! The closest thing I get in my house is creamy peanut butter.

The chunky kind gets caught in between my teeth.

I like the texture better

I say creamy all the way, nuts are for squirrels

It depends on what I use it for, but I LOVE chuncky peanut butter on my ice cream.

Low sugar Skippy

Peter Pan

it's smooth

I prefer" Adams Old Fashioned

smooth rich creamy peanut butter, yummy. crunchy has too many small peanuts to serve to my little girls. we are a creamy family

peter pan is the best!

Jif's the best!

Jiff Peanut Butter either crunchy or creamy

The creamy type is more versatile when making cookies, etc.

depends on how the peanut butter is being used

The cheapest peanut is the best by me!

NATURAL peanut butter

fresh made

I love nuts

I wasn the right tract, when it comes to peanut butter"

Have dentures!! Chunky just doesn't cut it!!

I like chunky 'cause I like nuts. I've found that creamy has more taste but chunky can be chewed. Lol Ohh, those Peanut Butter Balls work better with chunky. Rick

I prefer Skippy's Low Carb because I am a diabetic. How about doing newsletters with themes such as low fat or diabetic diet??

If I wanted chunks I'd eat peanuts.

I have fragile teeth and have been told NOT to eat nuts or crunchy peanut butter but to me, peanut butter without nuts just isn't peanut butter!

Chunky is the ONLY way to go. Sometimes I've even added peanuts from the shell to my peanut butter to make it CHUNKIER!!

Skippy Super Crunchie

I love peanuts, so I get the opportunity to chew as well as enjoy creaminess

The little chunks are like little suprises.

Adams all natural peanut butter...

Gotta have the nut!!

The only way to go is creamy however, my husband will tell you it's got to be chunky!

Natural peanut butter is the best!!

Love it no matter what kind!!!


With a pinch of salt.

Favorite brand: Maranatha Organic Peanut Butter.

But it has to be either Smucker's All Natural or fresh ground. These give real peanut taste and don't overload me with sugar!

Skippy preferred

i,m not much of a peanut butter eater, but its the # 1 staple as far as my husband is concerned and has been for 53 years.

Skippy's Super Chunk!

Chunky has more flavor!

I only buy real peanut butter (peanuts and salt) and do not like jam or jelly with it.

Give me JIF Creamy Reduced Fat....I love it!!!

Jif extra crunchy with chocolate frosting on a graham cracker makes a super homemade cookie!


Nothing better than chunky. Love to make peanut butter cookies with chunky pb! Nephew thought it was neat that I had cut the nuts into such tiny, perfect sized nuts!

The texture of creamy is so much more richer for me.

Definitely chunky and definitely Jif

I prefer the chunky especially for baking

I don't eat alot of Peanut Butter, but I do cook with it alot, so that is why I perfer Chunky...


And it MUST be old fashioned (without all the sugar and hydrogenization!).

Chunks belong in desserts, in my opinion. Toast and snadwiches toppings should be smooth and easy to chew. Doesn't interfer with the taste or the jelly/jam texture.

And, prefer fresh ground peanut butter!!!

Something natural without sugar, first choice Adams

My husband prefers creamy, as do my children

natural chunky is the best, and I get the opportunity to remove some of the excess oil, ie fat, from the great taste!!

Thank you for all of your kind comments and feedback! If you have anything to add click here and send me an e-mail message!


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