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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
August 31, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked if you would like Desi to put together a collection of her best 100 pressure cooker recipes. Based on the following results, she did! Click here to learn more and to see the recipes.

  • Yes with photos too (245) 41%
  • Yes! Please! (204) 34%
  • Yes with photos and video of Desi showing her secret tricks of the trade (85) 14%
  • No thanks, I'm fine (70) 12%
Total Votes: 604


I have one I've never used...too much trouble!

Yes, the ideas are very helpful!

The best HomeCook'n

I would like to learn as much as possible about and Item I own and rarely use.

I'll vote again after I try these.

Pressure cooking saves time

living overseas pressure cooking is a time savor,

fast easy way to prepare a winter dinner

I haven't cooked in a pressure cooker for years. It's sitting in the garage. Our last power bill convinced me I need to bring it in. I know I can save conserve electricity by cooking in a pressure cooker. thanks. Thanks, I have a new pressure cooker and I'd love to be able to use it now that I'll have recipes too

The recipes are time saving and great tasting. Thank you.

I would be happy to share my recipe for Creme Caramel, cooked in a pressure cooker for 7 minutes, that can be made with fat free milk or lactiad, or whole milk if you want the calories. I usually use 2% lactaid! It is creamy and like velvet.

Keep up the good work

I am a big chicken to use my little pressure cooker. So maybe I'll get use to it with your recipies. Thanks

I still haven't recovered from my childhood fears of that contraption. I'll stick with my crock pot, thanks.

Pressure cooking has gone out with the times, it is time to bring it back, and get our pressure cookers out of the storage closets. We still need fast good cooking. Good Idea.

Any way it is available, I'd be interested! I use a pessure cooker a lot!

I like to help my wife with the home cooking. I am always looking for ideas. Thank you.

will drag my PC out of storage and fire it up with some good recipes !!

I use my pressure cooker ALL of the time and so do my girls. My Mom did too. What a time saver and flavorful way to cook! I got my super set of pressure cookers off of QVC for a great price!

I have a new pressure cooker and don't know to do with it. Help.

Sounds Great Site

Don't have and don't want a pressure cooker, thanks.

I need to learn how to cook with pressure

food storage with meals in mind ,and meals for two,as well

I use a pressure cooker about 1/3 of the time preparing meals. Would be pleased to see more recipes.

I am fast becoming a "tooth less" wonder. I can enjoy meat again! Thank you!!

I'd especially like to see canning/preserving type recipes

My husband's been pressure cooking 40 years & me 28 yrs so was excited to see this, he's now teaching classes in Duluth MN. He's already helped several people get over the fear of it, they tell him.

I would especially like vegetarian recipes for the pressure cooker, please

I have a microwave and stove top pressure cooker, but hardly ever think about recipes that would work well in them. One of my biggest problems in using the stove top cooker is how far ahead to start cooking before the pressure builds up. It seems to take forever, like boiling water.

Could you also include pressure cooking recipes for the microwave. I have a microwavable pressure cooker & would like to use it a lot more often. Also make the recipes for 2 people.

It would be nice if there were recipes for the newer electric pressure cookers. All I can find are recipes for stove top pressure cookers.

Nothing fancy, please.Just with enough tips to bolster my courage in using the pressure cooker. Thanks.

I've pressure cooked for years. Love it!!!


I would like more crock pot recipes that take 10 hours.

Wonderful Fast Meals When You Work


great newsletter

Love the recipes. Thanks for a great newsletter!

I like my pressure cooker, so fast to get a meal on the table.

I have a pressure cooker, and don't have any recipes except stuffed peppers. I would love additional recipes. Thanks

i would like normal recipies with normal ingredients

I have a pressure cooker and it is great, I absolutely love it.

So many pressure cooker recipe collections are too strange and not for the regular family. It would be great to have a collection of recipes!

Do not use a pressure cooker

I am a senior citizen but I still work and have a son living with me. I have only had my pressure cooker for a short time. I was always afraid of them, but the new ones have extra safety features. I love my cooker and wish I had one years ago when all my family (7 0f us) were at home. It is a real time and work saver.

The pressure cooker as a time, temperature summer cooking tool would be great!

I've looked for years for pressure cooker recipes, with little success

I'd love to have some for things like chicken and dumplings, beef stew, etc. I just got a p cooker a few months ago and I'm at a loss for ideas.

I have a new pressure cooker & have not used it for the first time. I am terrified of it and if you could help relieve my fears of the thing, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

great ideal

I have a pressure fryer. If you could, please include recipes for this style pressure cooker.

make them quick & easy

Owned one for a year, used it once or twice but found it to be to much so sold it. The only pot cooking I do is in a crock pot.

I always make my sause and meatballs in the pressure cooker and everyone raves about them. It only takes about 20min. cooking time. I love my pressure cooker

I have a pressure cooker now I know what to do with it. Thanks


I have a large pressure cooker and I love it. It's about 8 quarts. I call it R2D2 because it reminds me of robot droid. I need recipes for a big pressure cooker.

I have too many appliances and no room for a pressure cooker at this time, but I do love to cook so keep those recipes coming.

too dangerous

The other tidbits are good too!

Easy, everyday pressure cooker recipes are hard to come by. I'd LOVE to see them!

I'm interested in canning with a pressure cooker, particularly meat.

I am glad to see you do a segment on pressure cooking. I have used a pressure cooker for over 40 years and love it for "fast" foods! I have a 2qt pressure cooker that I use in our motorhome when we travel. People always comment about the good smells coming out the windows when I am using the pressure cooker. They are amazed how quickley I can make Beef Stew, Spanish Rice, Swiss Steak and Pot Roast! It is the coolest and fastest way to fix a home cooked meal when "motorhoming" it all over the USA and Canada! It beats crockpot cooking hands down too! IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED IT DO SO! Christmas is coming--ask for a pressure cooker--a 4-6qt one is nice to start with for a family. For one or two people I would suggest the 2 qt size! Mary in OHIO

I've used a pressure cooker for over 44 years & am always looking for new recipes

Love my pressure cooker!

I have one very good pressure-coo ker cookbook published by th Presto company, but it lacks photos . I would love something more "tried and true

I would love it--

I have a 6 qt. cooker and have no experience with using it. Help please.

A few recipes now and then would be appreciated

I forgot about my cooker for the same reasons. Can hardley wait to try something in it. Been eating a lot of sandwiches because it;s to hot to cook.

Thanks Desi! I learned alot from this newsletter!

these type of recipes are invaluable to people with only a short time to prepare meals. Thanks, love it.

I'm will be waiting for it

Too much work.

Yes, please. I have a Fagor Pressure Pot that I use often. Thank You

I have started using my pressure cooker again and have misplaced the receipe books I had. Would love to see some.

I have a marvelous cooker from Germany. Very quiet.

pressure cooker recipes are hard to find

We use a large pressure cooker for canning but hadnt really gotten around to getting and using a smaller one. But i guess its about time to do that. Thanks.

My mother always used a pressure cooker when I was growing up and I got one as a wedding present over 40 years ago. I have always used one and think it is the best way to cook roasts and stews.

would love pressure cooker recipes. Can hardly wait.

I DESPERATELY want a collection of pressure cooker recipes for my Cook'n program! Please create a collection ASAP!!!

just not in to pressure cooking

My pressure cooker is great in my RV

Looking forward to more pressure cooker recipes

I grew up in the UK and have used one since I was about 17. It was always used for Sunday lunch as it had three baskets that fit inside allowing you to cook more then one vegetable at the same time. We used to take it on holiday with us camping (in tents) to make what we called “pot mess”, basically a stew with whatever ingredients were to hand. I still use one here for the same sort of meal.

Don't like pressure cookers.

Used my pressure cooker for years and for some reason it was put away and forgotten. You make me hurngry for the chicken and dumplings I use to make in mine.

What is the best and EASIEST pressure cooker for someone like me who has never used one in all my 64 yrs. but after this newsletter I want to go out and buy us one. The last time I was with someone who used one, it blew up and food was on the ceiling,walls and everywhere else you can imagine! I was a teen ager at that time, but never forgot the "event". Guess thats why I've never used one! You think? Wanda T.

I would love some recipe. I only use my pressure cooker for bottling beans right now -- it is new to me.

I enjoy pressure cooker recipes, with or without photos

I love the pressure cooker have three

I just aquired a pressure cooker and now what to use it.

Of course it is a good deal

I don't own a pressure cooker right now, but am thinking of getting one soon. When I do, will need all the help I an get.

We mainly use the pressure cooker for brown rice and pot roast but would love to see some other recipes

I am a REALTOR and I work 24/7 so my pressure cooker really comes in handy. I learned to use the pressure cooker when I was pre-teen and received one as a wedding present from my aunt and uncle. I still use it and would not part with it. Thanks for the "timing" list. Lynnette W. Jamison, Nashville, TN 37221

Being a vegetarian a pressure cooker is overkill for almost all of the recipes I cook. I find that canned beans work great in my bean recipes. The only dry beans I use are lentils, split peas and yellow peas, none of which need a pressure cooker.

Your pressure receipes sound very delicious i am having a dinner party and i think this will work out quite well for the menu thank you keep up the terffic work

I didn't realize people still used those things!! Mine exploded years ago

Pressure cooker recipes are hard to find, especially if you have lost your instruction book!

Pressure cooker recipes are hard to find, especially if you have lost your instruction book!

Majority rules

I have a digital pressure cooker and it is the best!

I love pressure cooker cooking and slow-cooker cooking... I ALWAYS appreciate recipes with photos for these two types of cooking. Thanks for using my Simple-But-Brilliant Ice Idea.... I was so complimented to see you offered it to the public. Please let me know the response it gets. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Miss Freya Friedman (

I love the fast convenience of the pressure cooker!

Just finished an email to you sending my regards

The photos or videos would be nice but I'm always looking for recipes to put my appliances to work. I have two pressure cookers that need more use.

I enjoy the newsletters

cant get enough prssure cookin recipes

more recipes please

Thank you for all of your kind comments and feedback! If you have anything to add click here and send me an e-mail message!


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